Subject Line Inspiration for Top Email Marketing Results

Subject Line Inspiration for Top Email Marketing Results

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Subject Line Inspiration For Top Email Marketing Results

There you are, with thought-provoking, compelling, and frankly, effective content for your next email blast, when the worst possible thing happens: complete creative blockage.

You have incredible content, but what in the world can you write in the subject line that catches your subscribers' attention?

With the added weight of producing the perfect subject line so that not all of your hard promotional and content work goes to waste.

Sit back and relax. We're here to help you. Because, in the end, we've all been there!

Just remember the Golden Rules of email marketing subject lines: keep them short, sweet and not spammy.


  • Take an Additional 50% Off Your Next Order!
  • Free Shipping: This Weekend Only!
  • Exclusive Subscriber-Only Offer
  • Private Sale: You're Invited!
  • Best Selling Products of 2011
  • Critics Picks: Best Gifts Under $10
  • Free Shipping + Gift With $100 Purchase!
  • Don't Miss Out: $9.99 and Up!
  • Top Best Sellers of the Year!

The important thing to remember is to ensure that your subject line reflects the deal, offer or promotion within your email marketing campaign. Luring customers to open an email with some fantastic offer that doesn't exist is cruel and unusual not to mention not CAN-SPAM compliant.

Whatever the push of your main content is, it is always a great place to start with any subject line.


  • Bring this Coupon in for a chance to win!
  • As the temperature rises, our prices fall
  • Trend Spotting: 2011
  • Shh! Super Secret Savings
  • Free Shipping Special? Come on! We're ALWAYS free!
  • You Voted: Best Gifts of 2011!
  • Open if you dare…

For more out-of-the-box inspiration, consider being punny (ha! Get it?), quirky or startling. Or, rely on the tried-and-true method of Fortune Cookies. You know, always add the "in bed) to any fortune? Try "Take an Additional 50% off…in bed." Perfect for bedding or mattress retailers.

This sort of tongue-in-cheek humor works well for companies that aren't afraid of a little je ne sais quoi in their subject lines.

Being risqué is tricky, but can certainly pay off if it fits with your products, services, and clientele.

What Not To Write

Sometimes the horror stories of error-ridden subject lines can help shake off the creative stupor and get the juices flowing. These classic mistakes are all because someone was not paying attention to the details and not checking their work.

Mistakes do happen, but some are hilarious:

  • (Subject Line): We're not going to name names, but a major retailer sent out an email blast that just had, well, the blank, placeholder. Oops!
  • To Be Added: Again, probably someone was waiting for inspiration and left the subject line blank.
  • A Hillarious E-Card: Yes, poor spelling does plague us all, but this really makes an unfavorable impression and most certainly guarantees the recipient to immediately delete it.
  • Columbus Day Sale: It is a major holiday, and always capitalize "day."

Remember, though we're all in a rush, take a moment to ensure that your next email blast passes a thorough grammatical and spelling check.

We hope this post not only gave you a look at areas you should avoid when writing subject lines but also gave you some fresh ideas for your next email marketing campaign.

Watch for more tips on email marketing, event marketing, survey marketing and other online strategies in future blogs.

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