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Sample Customer Satisfaction Surveys

How will you ever get a sense of how your customers are feeling unless you ask them? There are a number of ways to ask them, so get started right away! For example, customer satisfaction surveys are key to getting a general idea of how a new product is doing or what your clients don't like about what you are offering. You have to keep things set in a positive light while still getting to the bottom of negative aspects. It can be tricky but it is all about how you word your questions. That's why we have these sample customer satisfaction surveys to help you out.

For every question, it helps to give the option to "not answer." This covers all of your bases. Perhaps the customer didn't purchase a product you're referring to and so that specific question is "not applicable." Furthermore, if you're asking your customer to provide their name or any other private information, give them the option to "rather not say." Never leave an opportunity for your customer to skip over questions. By not answering, they're still answering.

Sample Customer Satisfaction Surveys - try asking these questions:

1. How did you hear about the XYZ Company?

• An online search for a specific product

• Advertisement (television)

• Advertisement (radio)

• Advertisement (print)

• Recommendation

• Other (please specify)

2. How long have you been a customer of XYZ Company?

• Less than 6 months

• 1 year to 3 years

• 3 years to 5 years

• 5 years or more

• Other (please specify)

3. How often do you purchase?

• Every week

• Every month

• Every 6 months

• Every year

• Other (please specify)

4. How did you make your recent purchase?

• Website

• Telephone

• Mail

• Email

• In person, at the store

• Other (please specify)

5. How satisfied are you with your recent purchase?

• Satisfied

• Somewhat satisfied

• Neutral

• Somewhat dissatisfied

• Very dissatisfied

6. How satisfied are you with XYZ Company?

• Very satisfied

• Somewhat satisfied

• Neutral

• Somewhat dissatisfied

• Very dissatisfied

7. Have you recommended XYZ Company?

• Yes

• No

8. Will you recommend the XYZ Company?

• Yes

• Maybe

• No

9. Will you purchase from the XYZ Company in the future?

• Yes

• Maybe

• No

Privacy Statement

Regardless of what type of online survey you're conducting, always include a statement that acknowledges your customers' privacy and that you're not going to exploit, sell or give away their answers. Your survey is for internal use only and is designed to improve your products and services. Just remember that people are squeamish when it comes to sharing anything online.

Try taking inspiration from these sample customer satisfaction surveys to create your own feedback survey! Want to learn more about online survey marketing and explore more example customer satisfaction surveys? Contact our expert sales team to learn how online surveys can benefit you and your business.



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