Tactics to Help Retain Your Email Subscribers

Tactics to Help Retain Your Email Subscribers

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Retain Your Email Subscribers

With the World Series starting tonight in New York, it is hard not to have baseball on the brain.

This reminded me of a post I wrote way back in April that compared baseball with the different ways for you to retain your subscribers.

As the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies battle it out for the MLB title this week, I thought it was a good time to revisit this post and list all the key points to help you out.

Tactics to retain subscribers

  • Remind subscribers of the value and benefits of remaining on your list. Don't be shy. Brag about how great your service is and all the top features you offer. By making this clear, a subscriber will be more likely to stick with you.
  • Survey your list of inactives regularly to see if you can return them to active status before making that final cut. If they show no interest, at least you tried your best and can move on.
  • Sell them on the benefits at the point of sign-up. Make your message as enticing as possible.
  • Stay on the top of subscriber's minds through regular mailings. If you don't keep in touch often enough, you will certainly fall out of memory fast.
  • Promote other communication channels to allow your subscribers to follow you in other networks, besides email. Include your network accounts (Facebook profile, Twitter ID, etc.) in the administrative footer of your messages and feature them prominently in your welcome programs.
  • Always show interest to your clients. A personalized message can do wonders when trying to retain customers. Ideally, your product or service will speak for itself but anything extra that makes a customer feel special and appreciated will go a long way.
  • Increase the choice a customer has by providing more information beyond your usual service. In terms of your business, this could include offering complimentary services, discounted rates or sneak previews of upcoming features if they remain on your list.

Reasons you need to focus on inactive clients

It is very important to focus on inactive subscribers and decide how you will go about retaining them or moving them to the inactive list for good.

First of all, you are spending your money to send them emails that they don't even open. Save the extra credits for those clients that open your emails.

Secondly, repeated mailings to inactive mailboxes are a bad email practice. How often marketers send emails to non-responsive users is one of the factors that determine the sender's reputation with your ISP (In this case SimplyCast).

To learn more about how SimplyCast's email marketing service can help you boost your email marketing efforts and retain subscribers, please visit SimplyCast.com.

Oh and in case you were wondering - Yankees in six.

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