How Business Can Take Advantage of Transactional Emails

How Business Can Take Advantage of Transactional Emails

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Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are an integral part of any automated marketing campaign, as they are able to be easily triggered after a client completes any action. With transactional emails, there is very little effort and maintenance required, yet you are still able to boost your engagement with your customers and clients.

What are some easy ways your business can use these emails to engage clients and boost your marketing campaign strategy?

Confirmation emails

Confirmation emails are a useful way to use transactional emails, in that it is a good idea to send a new contact an email confirming they signed up to receive messages from you. Confirmation emails allow contacts the immediate chance to unsubscribe if they do not want to keep receiving emails, or to check their security settings if they themselves never opted in for the communications.

You can easily automate your confirmation emails to be sent as soon as someone submits an opt-in form from your website. The email can include a link to click to confirm the recipient's email address as a double opt-in measure.

Thank you emails

Another way to use transactional emails is to automate the sending of a thank you email whenever a client does something, such as completing a survey or form.

Thank you emails are a great way to let your customers know that their effort is being appreciated by your company, and it is very easy to personalize these emails with the name of your contact, by simply adding a merge tag, which will pull the pertinent information from the corresponding column in the CRM.

Other product suggestions

Whenever a customer makes a purchase from your site and provided they have opted in to receive communications from you, you may like to follow up a thank you email with another email giving them a few suggestions as to other products they may be interested in.

Make sure that you don't send both the thank you email and a suggestions email one right after the other, as this may annoy your clients and make them think they are being bombarded with emails. Schedule a delay of at least a couple hours in order to reduce this risk.

Another option, of course, is to amalgamate both the thank you email and the suggestions email and send just the one message to your clients. It all comes down to personal preferences and whatever works best for your business.

Follow-up surveys

One more way your business can take advantage of transactional emails is to use them to send out follow-up surveys to your clients after they have either met with you or participated in an email campaign.

Follow-up surveys allow your business to gain valuable feedback and suggestions on how to improve your interactions with your customers and build strong and lasting relationships with them. Again, you can schedule a follow-up survey to be sent automatically a short while after your meeting with the client or after the email campaign has ended, in order to reach your client while they still have you fresh in their minds.

Try it out!

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