Take The Stress Out of Snow Days With Marketing Automation

Take The Stress Out of Snow Days With Marketing Automation

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As I sit here comfortably in my own home, typing as the snow comes down, I can assure you of one thing. I am not stressed out. I am not wondering if I should or should not brave the elements and get to work. Why?

If you can believe it, marketing automation.

You see, today in Nova Scotia, where SimplyCast calls home, we are hunkering down due to a huge blizzard blowing in.

For almost all, that means one thing on the brain - will it be a snow day?

So many employees out there have to wake up and stress over if they should go to work. The kids are home, the schools are closed and the radio is saying don't go out.

But you are dedicated to your job and until the call is made, your mind says, I better go in.

Well, we have this little thing called the SimplyCast 360 Customer Flow Communication Platform. It combines inbound marketing, marketing automation and multi-channel communication. How does that fit in with a snow day?

It's also the perfect communication tool for organizations to automatically reach all employees to say, the weather is bad, work from home today. There, the stress is gone.

First thing in the morning, an email, a voice message and a few mentions on social media and our whole office knows what to do. There is no confusion, panic or multiple people getting up to discuss the situation.

The call is made to keep employees safe, and SimplyCast 360 did the rest.

I knew by email and a voice message that the office was closed before my tea was even brewed. Simple.

Now I can focus on my work day at home and not be stressed out as I slide all over the road trying to be a hero and get to work.

Don't let important information like this slip through the cracks. Make sure all your employees know. SimplyCast 360 allows you to automatically reach everyone on your list via email, voice, text, social media and even a fax if they have it.

The work is done ahead of time, so when the weather comes, you just have to login to your account and hit send.

In this case the automation software was used for a storm. But the platform is perfect for any emergency situation.

I am just happy we use it to connect employees, because now I can enjoy the day, get some work done and put off shoveling the driveway for as long as I can.

So as you see, we do use our own technology. That right there says we 100% believe in it and that is why we do our best every day to help you reach your audience in the same way.

Sign up and try SimplyCast's 360 Customer Flow Communication Platform for yourself. The 14-day free trial is fully functional and our team is standing by to make sure you benefit in every possible way.

Time to pour another cup of tea, watch the snow and do some work - stress free thanks to marketing automation.

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