Take Your Movie Marketing from Big Screen to Online

Take Your Movie Marketing from Big Screen to Online

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Movie Marketing

How do you make your movie or short video stand out from the rest? Making the movie takes a lot of time and money, and you need an effective way to promote it that is affordable and efficient. Why not automate the movie promotion process? Promote your movie over multiple marketing channels from a single all-in-one solution.

Share the Excitement on Social Media

Social media is a great way to build a dedicated audience and share your movies. Social media helps you build excitement leading up to a movie release. Create a series of promotional posts and schedule them to post every day. There are lots of types of posts that will engage your audience and get them hyped for your movie.

  • Contests are an ideal way to build involvement and spread your message wider. "Share this update for a chance to win four tickets to the premiere of our movie!"
  • Since video is one of the most popular formats on social media, teasers, deleted scenes and trailers are ideal for sharing.
  • Quotations from the actors in your movie are great, especially if they are amusing or provide behind the scenes information.
  • Pictures are also likely to be shared, commented on and retweeted. Post stills from your movie that show key scenes, main characters and other engaging aspects of the movie.
  • Feature actor spotlights to show the personal side of your movie. Tell about their movie audition that won them the part, why they were interested in working on the movie and so on.
  • Don't forget to interact with your followers on social media! This is one of the main ways to build up a loyal following and keep your visitors engaged with your movie news.
  • Also, interact with other movie creators, cast members, promoters and others in the movie industry. This shows that you are involved in the movie community and you want to help promote others' work as well.
  • Invite followers to post specific questions that they want answered by the director or the cast members. By answering as many of these questions as you can, you build a connection with your audience and provide a sneak peek of the movie and behind the scenes action.
  • Before a movie is released, send out surveys through social media that will help you make your marketing more targeted and boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You can survey people about their response to specific ads for your movie, audience awareness, general demographic makeup of your audience, concept testing or title testing.
  • Promote movie events on social media. Build excitement about upcoming screenings, private showings, "Meet the Cast" events, promotional radio or television interviews and so on. This boosts attendance for your movie events and builds publicity.

Reach Out to Promoters and Cast with Automated Messages

Automated social media management is not the only way automation can help you. When you're promoting your movie, you will most likely be contacting your promoters and your staff fairly frequently. Use automated emails and voicemails to stay in touch. Create a message and schedule it to send to a list of relevant contacts. Once you send, you can view automatically generated reports to see who opened the message and which links they clicked on, if any.

Provide Exclusive Information for Fans with Text Message Updates

Text messages are awesome because they are so immediate. While emails may be skipped over, missed or simply deleted, the majority of text messages are opened within five minutes of being received. Use text messages to promote movie news and events, run contests with your audience and stay in touch with promoters and fans.

Make a Movie Website

Websites are where most of your audience will initially go to find more information. Your website should be the main backbone for all your marketing. With most marketing campaigns you will want any videos and links to point back to your own website.

Your websites may host your actual movies, or they may have clips and trailers. You may also maintain a blog (more about that later), host cast or director interviews, share movie news and so on. Having a solid website makes your movie look more legitimate and it gives promoters and fans a place to go.

Have a YouTube Channel

YouTube is still one of the most popular video sites on the internet. In addition to having your videos on your own website, you should post them on your YouTube channel. There are a number of other popular video sites such as Vimeo and Dailymotion. You can decide for yourself whether or not you want to post movie clips, trailers and teasers on multiple video sites or just one or two of the top sites.

Maintain a Movie Blog

Post your important movie news on your blog. Keep fans updated, build a buzz that promoters will look at and encourage people to share your blog posts for wider exposure. A blog is useful for linking to your movies and for cross-promotion.

Try Automated Movie Marketing for Free

Sign up for a 14 day free trial of our automated movie marketing solution. We have over 15 channels of communication in a single solution so you can reach each fan and promoter. You can automatically manage your social media pages for maximum efficiency, send out automated emails, text messages and event invitations and much more. Or check out a demo and ask our friendly team some questions.

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