LeadFormix Alternatives? SimplyCast is Here to Help

LeadFormix Alternatives? SimplyCast is Here to Help

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LeadFormix Alternatives

CallidusCloud LeadFormix offers an array of marketing automation tools, as well as a contact management tool that offers tracking, reporting and more. But what if they don't quite fit your needs? What if you need other communication channels? Say you just don't want to pay for SEO and other extra features, but need similar tools. SimplyCast 360 is here for you. We have clients in over 175 countries, and our application is available in 11 languages, plus we're user-friendly and don't require any technical expertise to use our app. So we're already speaking your language, in more ways than one.

While CallidusCloud LeadFormix carries quite a few marketing automation channels, SimplyCast offers a few more channels, such as SMS, Fax and Voice and offers many of the same features on top of that. So if you're looking for comparable packages with a few more options and a fairer price, we're the platform for you. Our goal is to give you all the tools to succeed, but we aren't focused on e-commerce so we don't offer similar services.

The big difference between us becomes apparent in our pricing, however. While CallidusCloud Leadformix does not list their pricing, SimplyCast offers our full package which totals in at about $499. It supplies you with 100,000 contacts with no email cap. We provide you with more automation options, tracking, and targeting of your campaigns, as well as a fully functional contact manager that integrates with our app. Instead of relying on integrations, our lead and contact management is built right in. Of course, we also integrate with third-party CRMs to give you even more versatility.

Partnering with SimplyCast to increase your revenue is simple. We don't ask that you renew your contract, we don't charge you for training, and our partnership doesn't require that you sell a certain amount per year. We train you as part of the package, and our support staff will always be available to help. SimplyCast is only as successful as our customers. We don't want to nickel and dime you on your way to success. To boot, we don't ask that you keep our name on the software. We offer complete white labeling for you and your company and training is 100% free.

Need a CallidusCloud LeadFormix Alternative?

As you can see, SimplyCast makes an excellent alternative to CallidusCloud LeadFormix depending on your needs, and we will work hard to ensure that features and training continue to be available to you. You can request a demo or check out our full feature list on our marketing automation page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You can also find industry specific pages with ideas on how an industry could use us, and we post a new set of industry templates every week. We're always developing new features, so check back often!

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