The Benefits of Joining a Fax Reseller Program

The Benefits of Joining a Fax Reseller Program

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Fax Reseller Program

Do you think fax marketing is out-dated and out of touch? Think again! Many businesses still use fax marketing as one of their main methods of communication. Help your customers unlock this audience by offering them fax marketing software through a fax reseller program.

Our Reseller platform allows you to select any combination of our communication channels to create your own white-labeled marketing automation platform. Here are some reasons why you should include fax marketing in your reseller offering.

Allow your customers to send faxes without a fax machine

The fax marketing software we provide allows you to send faxes easily without the use of a fax machine. Instead, the process is a lot simpler. Your customers can attach a document and send it as easily as they can send an email.

Complement your other offerings

Fax is a great way to compliment the other communication channels you have chosen for your Reseller platform. With other channels being more digital, fax is a great way for your customers to add a physical and personal touch to their marketing strategies.

Set yourself apart

By adding fax marketing automation to your offering, you will set yourself apart from other automation platforms. Becoming a part of a fax reseller program will draw in new clients who are specifically looking for an option to improve their fax marketing efforts.

Learn more about our fax reseller program

Becoming a reseller of our white labeled platform will allow you to draw new customers and add an additional revenue stream to your company - all without needing to create any new technology yourself! Interested in reselling marketing automation software? Check out our White Label page for more information about our many reseller service offerings, including our white-label fax reseller program. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our helpful Sales team at


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