The Biggest Problem with Your Marketing

The Biggest Problem with Your Marketing

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What is the biggest problem most marketers have? Who knows. We don't, and they certainly don't either. That is exactly the problem. Most marketers don't know whether or not their campaigns are working because they don't know how to track the results.

I can't count the number of people I know who create a marketing campaign and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars implementing it, then don't even bother to track the results. How will you ever know if, when, and why your marketing is successful or unsuccessful if you don't see hard data on your results?

With online marketing, it's easy to find out where and when your marketing dollars are being wasted. Using online tracking you can:

  • Track how many people respond to your online ads. If people don't respond, then you can simply alter your ad and try again.
  • Track when people respond to your ads. Do they respond immediately or do they wait a week? This helps you to determine a time frame for sales activity.
  • Track whether people are opening your email marketing or bulk email messages. If they aren't, maybe you need to change your subject line or find a new list of people to email.
  • Determine which ad copy or text brings the best results. The right words make all the difference in advertising. Online tracking helps you determine which words will pull sales.
  • Monitor the click activity on your site. What you really need to know are the number of unique visitors you receive. A unique visitor is each individual visitor who clicks on your site, regardless of the number of times they click on your site. The number of clicks you receive is less important than the number of unique visitors you receive.

Online tracking can tell you all this and more. Whatever online marketing you use, from banners to pop-unders, ebooks to articles, make sure you know what works and what doesn't. Use online tracking such as tracking links using SimplyCast and save yourself money, time and energy.

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