The Impact of Brexit on Tourism Marketing Strategies

The Impact of Brexit on Tourism Marketing Strategies

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Tourism Marketing Strategies

Although the full effects of Brexit may not be fully seen for another two years, the truth of the matter is that there is now a global uncertainty that has arisen from the United Kingdom's exit from one of the world's most powerful trading blocs.

One of the industries that is feeling some of this uncertainty is tourism.

Brexit may mean a change in traditional travel tourism markets because of currency fluctuations, leaving British tourists looking for more cost-effective travel options and international tourists considering the UK as a destination because the British pound has fallen 11 percent against the American dollar.

Changes in the traditional tourism market provide opportunities for destinations to appeal to new audiences that may not have been aware of the destination and its offering before now. The question now becomes, with many destinations trying to appeal to this new market, how can your operation stand out?

Now more than ever, tourism is a global market. Smaller operators can still be competitive in this market by using a cost effective online marketing solution that does not require a huge financial or human resource investment. With an automated marketing solution, one does not need to invest a lot of time in order to engage customers by personalizing communications to potential travelers to be relevant to their interests.

Learn more about potential tourists

nowledge is key to having an effective marketing campaign – especially when targeting tourists where each individual is going to want to experience different things and do different activities while on vacation. Being able to offer each potential tourist information relevant to their interests is a sure-fire way to set yourself apart from all the other marketing material that boasts the same content for all consumers.

With a marketing automation platform, the work of learning about your audience and using this information to personalize communications is done automatically. This means, your daily workload is lessened while personalization is increased.

Provide two-way communication

Marketing automation allows you to automate communications to your clients in order to provide a customizable and individual experience. For example, if a tourist wants to visit your location but isn't sure of the hours, they can text you and receive an automated response containing your hours of operation. Automatic two-way communication is a great way to boost engagement and provide around-the-clock services to your visitors.

Be on all channels

With a new audience looking for new tourism options, it's important that you are everywhere promoting your operation. From email to SMS, social media to voice broadcasting – you need to have a communication solution for every member of your audience. Instead of having separate solutions for each channel, using a platform with multiple communication methods keeps your marketing and communication strategies centralized and organized.

SimplyCast 360 offers over 15 communication tools and channels all in one platform. Sign up for a free 14-day free trial and see how SimplyCast can help you boost engagement and attract new tourists.

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