The Importance of All-in-One Communication Platforms

The Importance of All-in-One Communication Platforms

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All-in-One Communication Platforms

Let's pretend you want to bake cookies. Everything you need is in one room: the kitchen. Instead of needing to run around to all different rooms for different stages of the baking process, all the ingredients and tools you need are centralized in one room. Think of your marketing in the same context. If you want to send an email campaign and post on social media, are you running to different areas to accomplish these tasks? What if you want to add SMS marketing to the mix? Your marketing and communication campaigns can benefit by utilizing an all-in-one communication flow platform that includes tools for multiple communication channels.

All-in-One Communication Platform Benefits


When you're jumping between different systems for all of your different communication channels, you lose that sense of consistency. Each system has a slightly different feel and that feeling is passed along to your marketing. By using the same platform for all communication channels, you increase consistency among all your messages.


Channels in the same platform work together to create comprehensive communication and marketing campaigns. In the same workflow, you can have email, SMS, voice calls, social media posts, and more instead of needing to jump between different systems at each stage where you want to change communication types. Because the different channels are cooperating to create your campaigns, the information gathered from each channel can be used in other channels to increase personalization. For example, if a client indicates via a survey that they prefer SMS communication to email, they will only receive SMS communications.


With a multi-channel, all-in-one communication platform, communications are seamless. The flow between channels and the flow between campaigns is seamless because there is no jumping back and forth between systems for different campaigns. Instead, the process is seamless in the fact that your campaigns are all managed on the same platform no matter what channel or combination of channels you choose to use. This also makes moving to the next campaign easier for the client.


When you're operating more than one system for all your communications, you force recipients to opt in for each different system. If someone opts in for your SMS messages and wants to receive your email newsletter as well, they need to opt for that separately. By using a platform that has all channels, the user only has to opt in once for all communications.


All-in-one communication platforms allow you to automate communications depending on where in the flow a contact is. Based on decisions and triggers, you can automatically target contacts through any available channel on the platform. You can even switch types of communication based on timing or individual preference. Being able to automate multiple channels at once allows you to save time and offer more personalization to your audience.

If you're interested in how an all-in-one multi-channel communication flow platform can help you increase consistency on all channels and improve personalization and efficiency, sign up for a free 14-day trial of SimplyCast 360. SimplyCast's platform allows you access to over 15 communication channels and tools to create seamless communication campaigns that trigger automatically so your recipients receive personalized messages that suit their needs, interests, and communication preferences.

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