The Value of the Satisfaction Survey in Dentistry Marketing

The Value of the Satisfaction Survey in Dentistry Marketing

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Satisfaction Survey in Dentistry Marketing

When you're performing any kind of dentistry action, you should consider your customer satisfaction and experience. Patients are already nervous because of the stigma surrounding dentistry. The last thing you want is to give any more of a notion that your marketing and communication are unpleasant. As such, the best way to do this is to help them shape your dentistry best practices. Offer them post-appointment surveys to help you improve your dentistry services in the areas they identify as needing attention. When sending out appointment reminders or reminders to do whatever it is that they need at the time, send out a survey. Ask if the message was useful. Ask for dentistry marketing input at social events and on social media.

For that matter, asking patients what they might like to see your office do more of can tell you what the most effective dentistry marketing for the area might be, and allow you to alter your dentistry business to that effect. Here are just a few ways that frequent satisfaction surveys can be used in dentistry marketing:

  • As mentioned, you can use the input to improve your services, marketing and otherwise.
  • You can also address requirements from staff on training and weaknesses within your support structure.
  • You can identify products your patients have heard of that might boost your revenue, and begin marketing them.
  • You will be able to provide better care, having the honest opinion of your patients on your side when you make changes to improve your dentistry practices and marketing strategies.
  • Your patients will feel safer and more in control of their dentistry needs.

Surveys can also be key in understanding why you failed to retain specific patients, which in turn gives you an idea of what competitors might be doing to draw patients their way, or what you're missing that made someone decide to take their leave. Asking customers' interests will give you leverage for creating a rapport with them, but it will also tell you what sort of magazines to stock more of, or what subscriptions to keep relevant. By making subtle changes to the marketing, and even the general details of your dentistry business, you show an interest in your patients that will impress them, as well as an eye for details.

As you can see, an effective and well-used survey tool has a versatile, widespread use in improving a developing business and ensuring that an established one lives up to the reputation it has built. The survey and satisfaction tracking will always be useful. There's always room for improvement, but you want to be the best, and that means taking advantage of every tool you can to save time and gather information. You might not please everyone, but you're sure to make a lasting impact for trying and for making it apparent that your patients have control and their input is valued and listened to.

Check out our custom-built page just for dentistry and don't forget that patient input is key to improving dentistry marketing.

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