The Next Big Step for Online Recruitment

The Next Big Step for Online Recruitment

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Online Recruitment

It's no secret that online recruitment makes the process of finding qualified candidates quicker and easier. You have a much larger pool to draw from and you can find out more about candidates online. Yet organizing and staying connected with dozens or hundreds of candidates is challenging for even the best recruiting agency. An automated recruiting solution can make it simpler and more efficient.

Other industries are already using marketing automation successfully, and the recruitment agency industry is in the perfect position to benefit from marketing automation. Is marketing automation right for your agency?

Online Recruitment Through Marketing Automation Builds Connections

Automation is highly effective for lead nurturing. With a simple automated process, you can personally connect with many more potential candidates than you ever could manually. If a candidate signs up using one of your online forms, a message is automatically sent out welcoming them and providing them with follow-up information. Once the initial connection is made, each action that the candidate takes (such as clicking a link in an email, selecting preferences, downloading a resource, etc.) is tracked and organized so future messages can be personally targeted to meet their individual needs.

Update Your Online Recruitment Messages Automatically

An automated recruitment solution saves you the time of manually updating messages such as emails and social media posts. Emails to clients and candidates can be sent out automatically that update them on progress that you have made, events that you are holding or any other relevant information. And your social media pages are a great place to show potential clients and candidates that your recruitment agency is active and current, but who has the time to constantly update social media posts every day? With an automated solution, you don't have to. Create hundreds of messages at a time and then schedule them to post over time so your social media pages almost manage themselves.

Automatically Send Relevant Messages to Specific Groups

Sometimes you don't have time to contact each client and candidate to let them know where they stand, but you don't want them to think you've forgotten about them. An automated recruitment solution can send out messages to these clients and candidates based on where they are in the process. Build trust by keeping them up to date with automated messages. And if you do have a potential candidate for a client and you want to alert both parties, automated personalized messages can be sent out right away. Automation helps to fill the gaps when you're busy yet still want to stay in touch.

Automation is a Huge Time-Saver

An automated recruitment solution just plain saves time. All the little communication processes that your staff is currently doing manually take up valuable hours every day. By automating some or most of these processes, you can maximize staff productivity while at the same time reaching out more effectively to your clients and candidates.

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