The One Thing You Need to Know About Big Data Management

The One Thing You Need to Know About Big Data Management

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Big Data Management

BIG data. Everyone has heard about it, and some marketers are beginning to use it with impressive results. Big data refers to the huge sets of data that are collected through people's online interactions, purchase habits and much more. Among other purposes, big data presents endless possibilities for targeted marketing. It can also be a confusing mess of statistics and numbers that are nearly impossible to organize.

Here's the secret, though: big data doesn't have to be scary. It can be efficiently managed by an online marketing software program to reduce your workload and make the most of your budget.

No matter what industry you are in, you can incorporate the idea of big data into your communication strategy in an effective way without having to spend all your time researching. Online marketing is all about using data that gets collected, and you need a solution that can organize all that data. If you have a solution that can actually send your subscribers different messages based on the unique data that has been collected about each one of them, however, you have it made. SimplyCast's 360 Customer Flow Communication Platform is the solution that can accomplish this feat.

SimplyCast 360 is a customer flow communication platform which integrates different forms of communication and a decision-making process into a single solution. Improve your online communication methods with email, social media, survey, and signup form tools and extend your offline marketing reach with SMS, fax and voice message tools.

While you are creating your marketing campaign, you can add restrictions so that the platform will send different messages to people based on their individual selections and data stored in their customer profile. People can also select how they would prefer to receive messages: by email, SMS or voice. The automated platform will then send them messages over their preferred mode of communication.

While your customers are signing up for your newsletters, purchasing your products online, responding to your emails or text messages, or filling out a customer survey, they are giving you an abundance of data. You can use this data to not only market your products and services more effectively but also to better meet the unique needs of your customers. When you know what they like and do not like, you can automatically send messages and special promotions that appeal to them. When you know their preferred mode of communication, you can reach them in the most convenient way.

SimplyCast 360 also allows you to keep track of people's individual important dates, so they can receive automatic reminders when it's time to change their oil, renew their subscription, book a dental check-up or buy their significant other a sappy-sweet card. SimplyCast 360 helps your customers and clients find only the information they need, and receive messages that are relevant and interesting to them.

So don't think of big data as a huge unmanageable chore that only huge corporations have the resources to do. Data management can be easy and affordable, and using collected data about individual customers can be highly beneficial for you and them.

Why not sign up for a free account and try out SimplyCast 360 for yourself?

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