Independent Musician Marketing: The Power of Social Media

Alissa MacDougall
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Wed, Nov 18, 2015
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independent musician marketing can be hard, but it doesn't have to be.

Being an independent musician can be hard. You need to balance practicing and performing with your marketing efforts. Without an effective marketing strategy your music will not take off because no one knows about it. How can you improve your independent musician marketing efforts to increase your listener-base?

The way more and more people are finding new music is through social media.

About 74 percent of all internet users are on social media. This makes sites like Facebook and Twitter the go-to place to connect with your fans.

But with limited time and resources how can you manage to have an engaging social media presence?

Social media automation is the perfect tool for independent musicians because it allows you to have a strong and engaging social media presence without all the daily maintenance of doing it manually.

But, what should you post on social media?

The content of your social media needs to be engaging in order to have fans returning to your page. Here’s some ideas of things you could post on social media through social media automation.

  • Music videos: treat your fans to a sneak peek of your newest video.
  • Promote events: let your fans know about upcoming shows.
  • Showcase artists: give fans some information about different band members.
  • Musician Q&A: open the floor for questions from your fans.
  • Backstage pictures and video: show fans the show from your point of view.

Need help with your independent musician marketing?

If you want some more information about social media automation, visit this page for Facebook automation and this page for Twitter automation.

Contact us for more information about how to use social media effectively in your independent musician marketing. Let us show you how an automated solution can save you more time that you can spend creating that next big hit!

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