The SimplyCast Story Part 11: Why We Chose the Premium Free Model

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The SimplyCast Story

Enabling users to access and enjoy your services for free isn't the right model for every business. Yet, in some cases, providing certain services without charging customers allows both the business and its customers to benefit.

SimplyCast offers what we call the Epic Free Plan. It allows users to access many of our services for free. It's a great place to start for small businesses and organizations. It allows customers to include multi-channel communication in their marketing strategy even when they have limited budgets.

Providing a free option for small businesses helps to even the playing field. We believe that enterprise businesses are not the only ones who should have access to quality marketing solutions.

We also want to ensure that we receive diverse and meaningful feedback from our customers. This allows us to continue optimizing the SimplyCast platform in order to better meet the needs of our customers.

Providing our services for free also means that we can gain a much wider variety of customers. We wanted our software to appeal to a mass market instead of a niche market. We have customers in many different industries: everything from marketers to web hosts to nursing organizations.

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