The SimplyCast Story Part 26: Developing Beyond Our Expertise

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The SimplyCast Story

Giving back is an important part of being a successful business. After all, the community around you is what helps shape your organization. So, if the community is strong and connected, chances are your business will be as well.

Giving back can include different things from charitable donations, sponsorships, or volunteer work. Community care like this can take an organization outside of its comfort zone and area of expertise. However, when it comes to helping the community at large, it is important that businesses take these steps and show their support.

SimplyCast has always been dedicated to giving back, even when it meant going outside of our comfort zone. Back in 2013, SimplyCast sponsored two events: RobotsEAST and Hack-a-Week Competition.

These two events provided high school students with the chance to showcase their talent, network, and learn from their peers. Even though SimplyCast may not be an expert in either of these events, it was still important to us to sponsor these events to help grow and sustain the community.

Sponsoring these events also gave SimplyCast a great look into the upcoming talent in the local area all while supporting the local community.

Going outside of your expertise can help grow the community. As a business, it is worthwhile to develop community assets outside of your core competency because that is how everyone grows, learns, and benefits.


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