The SimplyCast Story, Part 27: Our Humble Beginnings

The SimplyCast Story, Part 27: Our Humble Beginnings

simplycast story
The SimplyCast Story

SimplyCast started off in a tiny office of about 150 square feet. Even though it was a bit tight at times, the size didn't limit the ideas that came out of there. You may recall Part 9: Our Big Move where we talked about our first move. That office was slightly bigger than our first, but still wasn't big enough to hold everyone as SimplyCast began to grow.

Our staff can still remember the cramped quarters as more and more employees were brought on board to help meet the needs of out clients. As the staff grew and grew, we slowly bought additional space in that office but eventually there was nowhere else to grow to.

We left our second office after being there for three years.

SimplyCast moved from that small, cramped office in 2013 and into a new, spacious office in the heart of Silicon Dartmouth. Our current office is a full floor of a large office building, complete with boardrooms, lunch rooms, a kitchen, and tons of space for each employee to spread out, work, and collaborate.

Moving to an even bigger office has allowed SimplyCast to increase staff, take on more co-op students, and offer our staff an office close to lots of great amenities. Being right next to a bus stop is great for employees coming from Halifax and having loads of restaurants around is perfect for anyone looking to go out to grab lunch with a few coworkers.

Essentially, the new office has served to keep our employees happy, motivated, and working hard.

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