The SimplyCast Story, Part 28 – Supporting Future Leaders

The SimplyCast Story, Part 28 – Supporting Future Leaders

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The SimplyCast Story

SimplyCast developed the Next Star Internship program in 2013. This program was aimed at high school students looking to get some real-world experience all while being paid to do so.

When it came time to choose three Next Star applicants to participate in the program, there were about one hundred applications to choose from. It was a tough decision because the caliber of the students applying was so high, but eventually, the team had it narrowed down to four students.

From here, it was too difficult to decide on just three so the team made room to accommodate the fourth student.

The Next Start Internship program is one way that SimplyCast helps support future leaders. There's no doubt that high school students have the capability to do great work and provide wonderful insight; they just need to be given the opportunity to do so.

The four students from the first round of the Next Star internship program came from local Halifax high schools – Sir John A. Macdonald High School, CP Allen High School, and Halifax West High School. Showing local students that there are work opportunities locally is a big step towards retaining our young workers and growing the local economy.

When you're building a great company, it is essential that you also build a great team. Supporting the next generation – the future leaders – is a big part of a successful company because in order to have the best team you need the next generation of leaders. The next generation has innovative and creative ideas that have not been explored and can do nothing but add to your company as a whole.

The Next Star Internship program didn't just benefit the selected high school students, it also benefitted SimplyCast because we were able to learn from the ingenuity the student possessed.

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