The SimplyCast Story, Part 33: Laying the Groundwork

The SimplyCast Story, Part 33: Laying the Groundwork

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The SimplyCast Story

When SimplyCast was starting out, marketing automation was just a buzz word. The technology was new and no one knew quite what to make of it. Regardless, people were interested in it and wanted to learn more.

SimplyCast used marketing automation as its main definitive word up until 2014. We always knew we would go beyond the term "marketing automation," but we needed to wait until the market was ready.

In 2014, we introduced a new category: Customer Flow Communication. Introducing this category sent a signal to our team and the market that we were more than just marketing automation: we could control the whole customer flow process from first touch to sale to continued interaction.

We launched this new category when we launched our new website. This website allowed us to lay the groundwork for our strategy: a customer communication flow for every industry. We wanted industries to recognize that with our platform they could go beyond the capabilities of your typical marketing automation platform to connect with their customer base on a whole new level.

When we launched the website, we ensured that it would be highly customizable and have an effective tagging system so we could make sure that when a client was looking for something relevant to their industry, they would be able to find it easily. Doing this was a big part of finalizing our multi-industry strategy because we built the whole website around it. The whole point of launching this newly designed site was to make it clear why organizations needed to change their strategy from communicating with clients through a single channel and use a multi-channel approach to engage and nurture their audience.

We created the SimplyCast 360 Customer Flow Communication Platform to help organizations manage their entire flow of communication – not just one or two channels. The way people communicate is changing and SimplyCast wanted to be the platform to help organizations manage this change. The work that was done in 2014 laid the groundwork for the future and the strategies we have in place today.

To see if the SimplyCast 360 Customer Flow Communication Platform can help your organization, sign up today for a 14-day free trial.

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