The SimplyCast Story, Part 36: Encouraging Innovation

The SimplyCast Story, Part 36: Encouraging Innovation

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The SimplyCast Story

As has been mentioned before, SimplyCast has a passion for hiring co-op students. Not only does it keep us feeling young, but co-op students have lots of fresh ideas and innovative ideas. One such idea came about in 2014 when SimplyCast hired Dalhousie co-op student Maddy.

When Maddy came to SimplyCast in 2014, she was given the Ride On program project. SimplyCast believes in putting each co-op student in charge of an important project in order to allow them to develop management skills and gain leadership experience. This creates an interactive learning experience where students can contribute to the company's future.

The idea for the Ride On project started after Maddy was late to work a few times because she missed the bus. Wanting to be able to send a text to find out when the next bus was scheduled to arrive, rather than having to call the GoTime line, Maddy had the innovative idea to use the SimplyCast 360 to create the Ride On Program.

Encouraging this kind of innovation is exactly what SimplyCast aims to do when hiring co-op students; we want students to get real-world, hands-on experience. With SimplyCast, Maddy was able to create a program that allowed her to solve a problem she saw.

The Ride On program was available through SMS and Twitter in both Halifax and San Francisco. Although currently not in use, the Ride On program highlights how the SimplyCast platform can be utilized to solve communication problems as they arise. Maddy saw a communication problem and, with the aid of the SimplyCast 360, was able to solve it.

To see how you can use SimplyCast to innovatively solve communication problems, sign up for a free 14-day trial.

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