The SimplyCast Story, Part 35: Expanding the Reseller Network

The SimplyCast Story, Part 35: Expanding the Reseller Network

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The SimplyCast Story

One of the most interesting facets of SimplyCast is the White Label Reseller Program and the reseller network. If you're not familiar, the White Label Reseller Program, also known as just Reseller, allows companies to rebrand the SimplyCast platform and offer it to their clients in addition to their existing offerings. This allows them not only to add packaged, client-ready products but helps money on costly development while providing solutions under their own branding.

Many companies use the Reseller program to offer more to their existing clients, attract new ones, and add another revenue stream to their existing business. With marketing automation being a new yet established technology, the Reseller program really helps businesses get in on the ground floor of the technology without needing to spend time and resources to create their own platform, which can take years.

SimplyCast has partnered with businesses in many industries including telecom, automotive, marketing, office supply, finance, and web host to help expand its reach internationally through the Reseller program.

In 2014, SimplyCast celebrated expanding the reseller network to reach six continents since rolling out the program in 2012. In the span of just two years, Reseller had grown to reach over 20 countries in six continents with just shy of 100 partners.

SimplyCast's goal with the reseller network is to have a reseller or agent in every country to help more and more organizations take advantage of the powerful 360 to communicate personally and individually with each person in their audience. The SimplyCast platform is currently offered in more than 10 languages to aid in this process.

Learn More About SimplyCast and the Reseller Network

If you'd like to learn more about SimplyCast's White Label Reseller Program and how it can benefit you, contact our Reseller team by sending an email to

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