The SimplyCast Story Part 37: The Importance of Transparency

The SimplyCast Story Part 37: The Importance of Transparency

the simplycast storysimplycast story
The SimplyCast Story

One of the most important lessons any growing business needs to learn is that you need to be open with your customer base and audience. When there is a significant issue, alerting your customers allows you to get in front of the message instead of allowing information to come from the wrong source and potentially be misunderstood.

Transparency may be the best quality for a business to have. Being transparent allows your customers to trust your company and builds brand loyalty as a result.

A couple of years ago, SimplyCast encountered a security concern called the Heartbleed bug. This bug was detected on April 7th, 2014 and by the following morning, all the "heartbleeds" had been disabled on all internet-facing servers and best practices were followed to patch all systems and re-key all certificates.

While this event was ongoing, SimplyCast ensured that clients were up-to-date as progress was made. In the end, the Heartbleed bug did not affect SimplyCast or any of its users. This was due to the quick actions taken by staff. So, by being transparent with clients, SimplyCast was able to control the situation and ensure that no panic was caused by information leaking from somewhere else and potentially being misinterpreted.

Transparency with your clients is not just beneficial to them – it's beneficial to you. Your clients know they can trust you and you're able to protect yourself from the wrong information being spread.

To learn more about SimplyCast and how it can help your company, visit this page.

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