The Ultimate Free Marketing Automation Platform

The Ultimate Free Marketing Automation Platform

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Free Marketing Automation Platform

Imagine a marketing and communication solution that includes over 15 channels of communication in a single integrated platform. It integrates personal data from each of your contacts to create highly targeted campaigns. This personalization helps to shorten your sales cycle, reduce customer churn and build stronger customer relationships. Now imagine that you can try it out for free to see how it improves your efficiency and marketing processes.

SimplyCast 360 is the ultimate free marketing automation platform. It's not free forever, but you get a trial period which allows you to dig deep into the platform and try out all the features. And when you want to incorporate it into your marketing strategy, the price is ridiculously affordable and depends on your own unique business needs.

What types of communication can I do using SimplyCast 360?

The all-in-one platform includes email, voicemail, social media management, fax, online surveys, signup forms, text messaging and much more. You can customize it to your own needs, so you can use it to create any types of messages and automated campaigns. It is also adaptable to many different industries. SimplyCast 360 is ideal for small businesses and enterprise businesses alike.

I'm not familiar with marketing automation software. Is it challenging to use?

SimplyCast 360 is designed to be simple for non-technical users. It features a drag and drop interface with simple block elements. We have lots of ready-made templates so you don't have to create your messages from scratch. Campaign creation is a step by step process with a simple workflow, and the platform automatically checks your campaign to make sure it's good to go.

Does your marketing automation platform integrate with external CRMs?

Absolutely! If you store your data somewhere else, you can easily integrate it with your SimplyCast 360 campaigns. No matter what CRM you use, we have you covered.

Can SimplyCast 360 manage my social media pages?

Yes. SimplyCast 360 includes comprehensive Facebook and Twitter management. Social media marketing takes time, and we want to help you save time. Create messages in advance and schedule them to go out whenever you want. The marketing automation platform keeps your pages up to date and targets visitors by their age, gender and location.

Do you have contact management options?

Yes. We have recently released our powerful Contact Manager. Using the Contact Manager, you can create customizable sales pipelines. Contacts can be moved through different pipeline stages automatically and also manually. Score leads and rate them as hot or not so you can keep track of which leads you want to go after. Set up alerts and notes for contacts so you have all the information you need.

Give me an example of a marketing automation campaign I could set up.

You own an automotive dealership, and you're having trouble connecting with online leads. People are visiting your website but you lose track of them after that. Now add marketing automation. Place an online signup form on your website where visitors can sign up for your email newsletter.

A visitor signs up and provides their email. They immediately receive a personalized email message with an introductory promotion. A few days later, your automated solution sends them an online survey to learn more about their preferences. Now you have some data to work with.

Based on links they clicked in the emails and their survey responses, your marketing automation platform sends the contact messages that cater to their unique interests. They receive information that interests them and they become engaged with your dealership. Imagine a dealership that sends me personalized campaigns... They must have great customer service!

The contact eventually purchases a car. They now begin receiving automated maintenance notices to help them keep their vehicle running smoothly. After two weeks, an email with basic maintenance tips. After three months, an oil change notification. After one year, a reminder that it's time for an appointment. On the anniversary of their purchase date, a personalized promotion.

These messages keep you in contact with each of your customers and help drive more sales and repeat business. You save the time of manually contacting customers all the time but you still maintain a strong connection. It's simple, efficient and effective.

Now that I know a bit more about the marketing automation platform, where do I sign up for my free trial?

Sign up for free here. Also, check out our interactive SimplyCast 360 demos by requesting one below.

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