You Think Your Holiday Marketing is Over? Think Again!

You Think Your Holiday Marketing is Over? Think Again!

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Holiday Marketing

The presents are all opened, the wrapping paper is in the recycling bin, the turkey is eaten and the holiday marketing campaigns have been sent. After what is the busiest time of the year for many businesses, marketers often want to relax and take a well-earned break. After a brief resting period, however, it's time to assess this year's holiday marketing campaigns.

Reviewing the performance of your holiday campaigns is essential for growth and success. If you neglect your statistics and reports you are not able to learn how your customers responded to your marketing techniques. This real feedback is exactly what you need to make your campaigns even more effective going forward.

Your statistics will help you learn not only what works for your holiday marketing campaigns, but also for your campaigns in general. So what should you analyze?

Which emails gained the most opens?

An open rate tells you how effective your email was at capturing immediate attention from your subscribers. Open rates for email campaigns depend on many aspects. These include subject lines, send times, sender name and so on. The best way to learn what your subscribers truly respond to is to split test your emails. Split testing refers to the process of sending the same email to different parts of your subscriber list with varying aspects such as subject line or send time. By analyzing your reports after the campaign is sent, you can then learn which subject line had the highest open rate. Were the emails sent at 7:00 opened more often than the emails sent at 11:00? Analyze the open rate of your holiday campaigns to see what factors lead to immediate interest. This helps you optimize your campaigns in the future.

Which emails had the best conversion rates?

Conversion rates, unlike open rates, depend more on the actual content inside the email. Now that you've gotten a subscriber to open the email, how do you get them to download, purchase or whatever you're trying to achieve? You will be testing out emails with different content, various calls to action, unique images, specific links and so on. By analyzing the emails that gain the highest conversion rates you will learn which content is the most effective for converting your subscribers. You can then improve your future email content based on real feedback.

Which messages and actions lead to the highest purchase amounts?

With detailed web tracking, you can see who made the biggest purchases. Where did these people come from? Did they click through directly from one of your emails? Did they come in through a landing page? Did they search around your website a lot before they made the purchase or did they know what they wanted right from the start? Tracking and analyzing the highest purchases enables you to see where the most profit is coming from. You can then employ your knowledge to drive higher purchases across your subscriber list.

Which marketing strategies had the most interaction?

Chances are, you will have many marketing strategies going over the holiday season. These may include social media posts, contests, surveys, coupons and so on. Review which of these gained the most interaction from your customers and leads. Did your contests get a lot of different entries? Were many of the coupons redeemed? How many people went online to take your holiday customer service survey? Which posts and tweets had the most likes, retweets and shares?

Analyze each and every campaign and keep all your statistics on file.

These aspects are just a few of the main points to analyze after you run your holiday campaigns. Each campaign will be different and will include different forms of communication and different marketing techniques. Each campaign, therefore, must be carefully analyzed for its unique aspects. You must seek out the statistics that tell you the most about what your subscribers respond to.

From year to year, you should be tracking the performance of your holiday campaigns. Subscriber reactions to your campaigns will often change depending on that year's events, changing markets and economy, new technology, evolving communication channels and so on. By reviewing your reports and comparing them with previous years' reports you will gain a picture of your subscribers. You will learn what is still working, what has changed and how to optimize your content going forward. Now start planning for next year!

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