Three Cheers for Movember!

Three Cheers for Movember!

Three Cheers for Movember

Today is a sad day. The last business day of Movember.

We've gone through a lot of razors, had a lot of laughs and raised a lot of money for men's health! Team events are a great part of life here at SimplyCast, and you can be sure we'll have another one on the go soon. Don't forget to visit our Facebook page to vote for your favorite SimplyCast 'stache! And you can still check out our great team or donate.

And now, in honor of the mighty mustaches of SimplyCast, a recap of our favorite moments from this Movember.

  • When Mike M.'s mustache surprised everyone in the office by making coffee and tea for everyone. What a great way to start the day.
  • When Tom Selleck called to congratulate Jonathan on his mustache. What an honor!
  • When every employee at the office had a computer background featuring either Hulk Hogan, Dr. Phil or Borat.
  • When Alex's mustache fell off into his bowl of soup.
  • The day every guy with a mustache came into the office with a corresponding monocle and top hat. It. Was. Awesome.
  • When we raised money and awareness for a great cause and had fun along the way!

Don't forget to vote for the best mustache on our Facebook page!

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