Three New Ways to Engage Monthly Subscribers

Three New Ways to Engage Monthly Subscribers

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subscriber engagement

Does your business offer a monthly subscription? If you do, you know just how important customer retention is to ensuring clients subscribe and stay subscribed month over month. Basically, so long as your clients are happy you’re almost guaranteed to see revenue coming in consistently.

Now the question becomes: how do you keep subscribers happy and engaged?

Some businesses may call monthly, some may have a quarterly newsletter, but there are so many new and innovative ways to engage your monthly subscribers. The key? Engagement automation.

What is engagement automation?

Engagement automation is a suite of tools to help automate personalized engagement messages. This can range from targeted updates based on individual subscriptions to upcoming bill reminders. Engagement automation allows you to complement your existing operational processes while also providing more targeted messaging and lessening your daily workload.

How can engagement automation help you?

Engagement automation allows you to optimize certain tasks so that you have more time to operate your business. Furthermore, this form of automation allows you to offer more individualized communications so that each of your subscribers are only receiving information relevant to their interests, which increases engagement.

Three ways to use automation for subscriber engagement

Nurture new signups

Before you can focus on retaining the subscriber, you have to have the subscriber paying you a monthly amount. Luckily, engagement automation is not limited to existing subscribers; it can also be used to nurture and engage potential subscribers.

With engagement automation, you can have a completely automated nurture campaign that starts off by providing general information to leads. As leads become more interested, this information can then become more tailored to their interests.

All this is happening in the background while you’re focusing on other tasks. When a lead is close to purchasing, you can be notified automatically to reach out to them.

Leverage multiple channels

Once a lead is a subscriber and is actively purchasing from you, keep them engaged with different content through different channels. Let’s be honest: not everyone checks their email regularly. If one of your subscribers isn’t active with their email, you need to try a different channel to get their attention.

With engagement automation, you can automatically reach out to subscribers on their preferred method of communication. This ensures your messages are read.

Track activity and provide relevant content

The right engagement automation platform will allow you to track the activity your subscribers are taking on your website. Depending on this activity, the engagement platform can then target communication, so each recipient only gets the information that is relevant to them.

Ready to try engagement automation for yourself?

Subscription-based businesses are in a great position to guarantee monthly income simply by ensuring the happiness and engagement of subscribers. If you want to try engagement automation for yourself, click the button below to signup for a free 14-day trial of SimplyCast.

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