5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate: The Landing Page

5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate: The Landing Page

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Improve Conversion Rate - Landing Page

As an online marketer, your conversion rate is an area of your business that you need to be always looking to improve. One way to do that is by implementing landing pages.

Here are five quick tips to improve your conversion rate by adding landing pages to your marketing mix.

1) Define Your Goals

Ultimately, what do you want to get out of your subscribers or visitors? Is it to sign up for your email or SMS blast? How about purchasing your products or services? Understanding whom you're going after even before diving into the intricacies of conversion rates is fundamental. Essentially, what do you want?

2) Target the Right Audience

Whatever your initial contact is with your subscribers or customers, ensure that you're targeting the right audience for what you're offering. The bottom line is that you need to know your subscribers through and through, and know what products and services are right for them. There is no need to direct a potential customer to something that isn't relevant to them.

3) Send Visitors to the Right Page, Whether you're using email, SMS, survey or fax marketing, ensure that where you're directing your subscribers is a targeted landing page. Don't just send them to your homepage. You're making potential customers search, and quite frankly, work hard to get to your information. Make it as easy as possible.

4) Clarify Your Action Once you get them to the right landing page, is it clear to them what action you want them to take? Do they have to dig around the page to find what they're looking for? If, for example, you directed an email subscriber to your landing page with special offers, make sure that the offer is at the top, visible and hard to miss. Much like sending your subscribers to your homepage, you're making your customers work. Work for them, instead.

5) Reinforce Trust Once your targeted customer is on your landing page, pondering whether to act on your offer or not, what really ups the ante is if you have not only customer testimonials, but third-party affiliates. Beyond what your customers are already saying about your business, it is a great idea to have highly visible and recognizable companies that also use your product.

Have another question about implementing or optimizing a landing page? Want to share one of your landing pages with us? Leave a comment below.

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