Top 10 Benefits of Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Top 10 Benefits of Real Estate Text Message Marketing

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Real Estate Text Message Marketing


Real estate text message marketing, to mention automation software, is fast becoming a must for agents, brokerages and property managers. The ability to reach, engage and nurture prospects (clients) is all part of a winning strategy that used to be unattainable.

Now any real estate agent can build relationships using several different forms of communication.

One in particular is winning over agents with the ease at which it can be done.

Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Today's real estate agent needs to have a strong mobile presence, which includes a mobile-friendly website complete with property listings and mobile photo galleries.

But you also need to reach out to people to either get them to your site, or engage with them once they do.

Showing real estate buyers that you're a leader in real estate text message marketing will bring you more listings and keep your business ahead of the pack. It will immediately signal to a client that you are going above and beyond to personalize their experience. As more and more younger people look to buy property, they will be much more comfortable with text marketing, therefore, you will have a much more engaged audience right away.

Benefits of Real Estate Text Message Marketing

  1. Instantly text specific property listing info upon request – 24/7. This can be set up to be automatic or at your control. We suggest making it clear that when choosing this option, texts could be received at all hours of the day. You don't want to irritate anyone.
  2. Setup custom automated text responses (for each SMS keyword). This could be the number of beds/baths, an agent's number and website, listing prices, neighborhoods and other category searches. Make it what you want to be based on what your clients are looking for.
  3. Effortlessly generate a mobile database of home buyers to contact in the future with new property listings. Data is huge when it comes to marketing. By collecting SMS details you can keep in touch with clients even if they have moved out of the buyer/seller process. Great way to get some referrals since everyone needs a real estate agent at some point.
  4. Quickly launch mass text messaging campaigns right from your own device using web-based software. All of your messaging and contact lists are at the ready where ever you are. This is helpful for agents who are always on the move.
  5. Streamline the lead generation process allowing you to spend less time and money attracting customers, while at the same time attracting more customers than ever before. This includes repeat customers, new leads, referrals and even those who are in your industry. You may want to share some of your secrets with a nurturing campaign offering tips. Anything to establish yourself as an authority in the field.
  6. Schedule text message alerts/reminders to go out at specific dates and times. Take all of your showings, opening houses and appointments and enter them into the system. Then you can have automatic appointment reminders sent using SMS marketing to you or your team, so everyone knows when something is happening or due.
  7. Save money on printing costs and classified ads. Sending text messages is very inexpensive and more importantly very green. Stop sending paper to do something simple.
  8. Utilize appointment reminder features to be sure your clients don't forget meetings or showings. This can also include reminders on when open houses are scheduled on listings that have been previously looked at on your website. It may rekindle an interest in a home or property that may otherwise have been forgotten.
  9. Let a For Sale sign do the work for you. List a SMS keyword on the actual sign so when people drive by, they can instantly text the keyword to get an automated response. This can be where you include your best sales pitch on that property as well as the best way to contact you for a showing. By texting to you, the person has also opted in to your list for further contacting where you can showcase other homes.
  10. Include multiple agents on one account. This way everyone will be on the same page when it comes to messaging and branding. Everyone can have their own lists and permissions but the client receives content from one central location. This can be really beneficial for a larger firm where dozens of agents are working.

Real Estate Text Message Marketing Works

By taking advantage of the features of real estate text marketing, any real estate agent can build relationships using several different forms of marketing automation.

One that is sure to win over clients quickly is real estate text marketing where all of your communication is done right in the palm of your hand.

Sign up today for a free 14-day trial and decide for yourself.

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