Top 10 Marketing Automation Features Digital Agencies Need

Top 10 Marketing Automation Features Digital Agencies Need

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Using a marketing automation platform as an agency is a great way to offer more to your current clients and gain an advantage over your competition.

The key features you should be looking for in a marketing automation platform are:

1) Multiple channels

You want a platform that offers more than just email and surveys. The more channels the company offers, the more you can offer your customers. What would be even better is if you are able to pick and choose which channels you want to offer for your platform. This flexibility allows you to create the perfect platform for you and your clients.

2) Separate accounts

A platform that allows for multiple accounts and users allows both you and your customers to keep employees organized because everyone's campaigns and tasks will be sorted.

3) Centralized dashboard for managing clients

Having one place to manage your clients from is crucial for marketing automation. This makes all client information easily accessible and organized. Make sure the platform you use has this in order to make serving your customers easier.

4) Integrated billing

Another feature that makes offering marketing automation to your customers a lot easier for you is an integrated billing system. Platforms that already include this save you the time and resources needed to create or purchase your own.

5) Built-in reporting

Reporting is very important to marketing automation because it shows how successful your campaigns were. Selecting a platform that comes ready with built-in reporting will save both you and your customers from having to transfer data to a third-party reporting application.

6) Industry-focused content

Providing informative content is the mark of a great vendor. Make sure you select a marketing automation vendor that provides you with content directed at your industry. This type of content is helpful for your customers to learn about the platform and it will help you get familiar as well.

7) Software support by vendor

It is important that your vendor offers you support to get your platform up and running. It is even more important that this support continues for as long as you are using their technology. This type of continual support will allow you to learn more as your business grows.

8) APIs and integrations

Some of your potential customers may already have CRMs to store their contact data. This does not mean that you cannot offer them marketing automation. Pick a solution that comes with APIs and integrations to help your customers continue to use the CRM they are accustomed to while also taking advantage of your marketing automation platform.

9) Free use of tools

If you are offering this technology to your customers, it is important that the vendor you select gives you free use of the tools. Having this type of access to the tools allows you to learn and get familiar with the technology so you can pass on your learnings to your customers.

10) Completely white labeled technology

You want your platform to be under your branding. After all, presenting a technology to your customers that has someone else's logo dilutes the value of your brand whereas your own logo on the platform increases the value of your brand. When choosing a marketing automation platform to use, make sure there is no trace of the vendor's branding anywhere in the system.

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