Top 5 Questions About Our Private Label Program

Top 5 Questions About Our Private Label Program

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Private Label Program

 Curious about the SimplyCast private label program? SimplyCast offers a private label program that allows you to rebrand our complete platform of marketing automation tools as your own. This allows you to gain a new recurring revenue stream and stay ahead of your competition.

The solution is ideal for web hosts but you don't have to be a web host. Many different businesses in diverse industries have chosen to resell our platform to their customers in order to provide more services and increase customer retention.

Marketing automation is a rapidly growing industry, but developing your own tools can take years and a lot of resources. Check out these common questions that we get from people interested in reselling our private label solution, and see if this option might be right for your business.

1. To become a Reseller of the private label solution, is it a one-time fee or are there recurring fees I will have to pay?

Becoming a Reseller has a one-time fee. After the initial private label solution set-up, there are no additional fees. There are no annual renewal fees, no monthly fees and no user fees.

2. What types of businesses can use the private label solution? Is it scalable?

The private label solution is designed to be adaptable, flexible and scalable. It can be used successfully by businesses in many different industries, including web hosting, automotive, financial, sports, health care, nonprofit, retail, real estate and more. The solution is scalable for everyone from SMBs to enterprise businesses.

3. I have customers in many countries. Is your private label solution available in any other languages besides English?

Yes. The private label solution is available in 11 different languages, so you can provide the marketing automation tools needed by your many diverse customers.

4. As a Reseller, can I set my own prices?

Yes, when you rebrand the private label solution as your own you can set your own prices. You decide how you want to market the solution and what you want your customers to pay for the marketing automation tools.

5. What are some of the benefits of becoming a Reseller?

Reselling a private label solution allows you to increase ARPU and also increase customer retention. Studies have shown that customers are less likely to leave when they have the ability to purchase more services from their web host. Marketing automation tools are in high demand, and reselling the private label solution allows you to start providing automated marketing to your customers right away, so you can gain new revenue and your customers can successfully grow their businesses. Build loyalty and grow your customer base.

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