Top 10 Reasons You Need To Use Inbound Marketing Software

Top 10 Reasons You Need To Use Inbound Marketing Software

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Inbound Marketing Software

You hear it all the time. Inbound marketing software this, inbound marketing software that. But what is it and why should you be using inbound marketing software for your organization?

Inbound marketing software, simply put, is the process of providing valuable and shareable content to earn the interest of visitors and customers rather than buying it with paid marketing.

More and more businesses are moving towards this rather than using outdated sales techniques, which are often intrusive to potential customers.

Inbound marketing software will establish your company or organization as an industry expert that has valuable information to share.

Top 10 reasons you need to use inbound marketing software

1. Low Cost

Inbound marketing leads don't cost a lot to generate compared to traditional outbound leads. Having a lower cost of customer acquisition can provide you with a tremendous advantage over your competition, whether through increased margins or greater flexibility when pricing your services. With inbound marketing software, you will not only lower the cost, you will be providing your sales team with targeted leads who already know what they are being sold on. In a perfect scenario, all that needs to be done is closing the sale because the inbound content did the work ahead of time.

2. Become The Authority

Inbound marketing software will help you become a trusted authority in your industry faster. It is the ultimate goal for any company to become the authority figure in their space. Then customers come to you on their own because of strong word of mouth and the authority presence you give off. People want to go with the best. People want to be part of a winning team. When you invest inbound marketing software, you are on your way to automatically sharing, managing and optimizing quality, customer-driven content. The sooner you establish yourself as a source of quality information, the sooner you achieve the trust of the masses.

3. No More Cold Calling

Let's face it, receiving cold calls is annoying. Nobody wants to be pitched a product or service anymore without knowing what it is about first. Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, make it count by having presented your offer in a much more subtle way with engaging content that a person can read on their own time. Then, when you do make that first phone call, the person on the other end knows what you are talking about and most likely are already hot or cold on your offer. By using inbound marketing software, you can send fresh content to people automatically based on their actions. This is most often down with whitepapers or ebooks.

4. Be Found Organically

Google is the primary source for finding information online. If you are not showing up on Google, you are not being found. Inbound marketing software helps get you found. Google has become part of our daily lives, and ranking on the first few pages of Google is becoming more and more critical to the success of a business. Google loves and rewards those who create quality content that gets shared a lot. The more quality you put out there, the higher your rankings go and that leads to a steady stream of organic traffic that in all intensive purposes, cost you nothing. The leads will be highly targeted and ready for the final close or upsell from your team. Your website will also benefit from all of the links coming from Google which also brings in organic leads.

5. Website Growth

As just mentioned, thanks to inbound marketing software, your website becomes more than just a static billboard. Your organization's website is a relatively inexpensive opportunity to present your business to potential customers. The problem is, a lot of companies fail to take full advantage of this. If your website is static and does not have fresh content added often, you are not going to get found as easily. By utilizing inbound marketing software and implementing strategies such as calls to action, landing pages, lead nurturing and SEO, you begin to separate yourself from the competition. With inbound marketing software in place, a lot of these processes can be set up to be automatic.

6. Move Away From Old School Marketing

Traditional marketing methods are costly and increasingly becoming ineffective. Everything is moving online. Television, print and radio are finding this out. Underestimating or flat-out ignoring the fact that the Internet is where people now go to find information could be a critical mistake for your business. Looking forward, content marketing is what is going to separate the winners and losers and inbound marketing software is a big part of that. Again, if you create unique and high quality content on a regular basis, the implementation of inbound marketing software will take your business to new levels. What's the point of having incredible content if it is not being shared right?

7. Social Media Will Flourish

Social media will finally have meaning for your business. Everyone tells you how important it is for your business to use social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.), but a lot of organizations have no idea how to use it effectively. The reason social media works in our personal lives is that the content is interesting and much more personal to us. People spend time on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest because there is engaging content. It works the same way for your business. In order to attract a great amount of attention through social media, you must create extraordinary and shareable content, which is the foundation of what inbound marketing software is.

8. Create Loyal Customers

Implementing inbound marketing software can finally provide your business with a well-rounded marketing strategy. Many businesses market one-dimensionally and never fully close the loop. Correctly implementing an inbound marketing strategy can help strangers become site visitors, who become leads and who ultimately become customers. Provide quality content and customer service for your customers, and they become promoters of your business. The leaders of each industry have loyal followers who will quite happily share and promote new content that comes out. This is the ultimate stage to reach for any business engaging in inbound marketing software.

9. Build A Winning Website

To carve out your own space on the Internet, you need a highly optimized and "sticky" website. Once someone lands, you don't want them to leave. You want them to read more content, watch videos, take live demos and of course buy something. Inbound marketing software will drive highly targeted traffic to your site because of your content. Once on your site, they will read even more content. Before long, these same people will

10. Stay Ahead of the Competition

If you are not already using inbound marketing software to grow business, the odds are high that your competitors are. Like I said off the top, everyone is talking about inbound marketing software as it is one of the hottest trends going forward. By starting now, you are staying ahead of those you are fighting it out for when it comes to customers and potential leads. This is even more critical if there is no "authority" in your space. Why not step up and be that organization that everyone looks to.

There you have it, 10 reasons why you should be using inbound marketing software to grow business, establish your brand and to build a loyal following of customers.

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