Top 10 Worst Facebook Faux Pas, Part 1

Top 10 Worst Facebook Faux Pas, Part 1

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Facebook Faux Pas

Creating and maintaining a Facebook page for your business is a smart idea. Facebook marketing allows you to reach out to thousands of customers and new potential customers. Do you know what to post and what to avoid? Check out this list (Part 1... more tips coming in Part 2!) and make sure you're not making any of these common Facebook mistakes that can hurt the online reputation of a business.

1. Not Maintaining an Active Facebook Feed

This is a common trap that many businesses fall into: creating a Facebook page and then not keeping it up. If you don't post regularly and ensure that your posts are relevant and interesting, it makes your business look slack. When you keep your page updated, visitors know that your business is active. If you don't have the time to post every day, get yourself a good automated Facebook marketing solution. With automation, you can create lots of messages in advance and schedule exactly when you want them to be posted.

2. Self Promoting Shamelessly

Posts that just tell visitors how great your products and services are seem boring and are not engaging to visitors. It is better to post great customer testimonials, because hearing the message from an actual customer makes it more trustworthy than hearing it from the business. You can also post independent online product reviews and case studies to show how other customers successfully use your services.

3. Posting Facebook Messages that are Too Long

Try to keep your Facebook posts short. This helps keep visitors interested, and also makes them more likely to take in the information in your message. If you need to include more detailed information about products, services or events, create a short post that contains a link to a website page with more information.

4. Not Dealing with Negative Comments Properly

If a customer posts a negative comment on your Facebook page, it can be tempting to just ignore it or even to try to downplay the issue. This strategy, however, reflects very poorly on your business. The best thing to do is to respond right away with a polite message that addresses the customer's issue and tells them how you are going to resolve it. Other visitors will know that you take customer complaints seriously and professionally.

5. Not Providing Enough Opportunities for Interaction

The point of maintaining a social media page is to try to get your customers to interact with your content. Your Facebook feed should offer visitors multiple chances to interact. You can run contests, offer exclusive coupons, provide social sharing buttons on your online resources (such as white papers, articles, guides and so on), ask visitors to vote on a question or take a survey, anything that will get your customer liking, clicking through and sharing.

Check out Part 2!

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