Top 3 Things to Know About Financial Advisor Marketing

Top 3 Things to Know About Financial Advisor Marketing

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Financial advisor marketing

You’ve read them all before — all the financial advisor marketing ideas. Don’t get me wrong; lists of marketing ideas are a great place to start when you’re crafting your financial advisor marketing strategy. However, finance and marketing have an interesting relationship. As such, there are three key things you need to know before marketing financial services in any capacity to ensure your communications are not only truthful to potential clients but also engaging.

Three things to know about financial advisor marketing

  • Ensure all messaging is accurate
  • Always keep the needs of leads in mind
  • Be available on multiple channels

Now, let’s look at each option in more detail.

Ensure all messaging is accurate

As a financial advisor, you work directly with the funds of people who are very investing in what you are going. When you are looking to gain new leads through your financial advisor marketing, it’s important not to misrepresent your offering. In the land of finance and marketing, it may be tempting to talk up your services but don’t do it to the point where they are misrepresented. This is true in all industries but with financial advisor marketing, it is particularly important because of the matters with which you are dealing.

Always keep the needs of leads in mind

After ensuring your messaging is accurate, it’s important to ensure it’s framed with the needs of your leads in mind. A good rule of thumb for marketing financial services is to talk about the benefits of your services to leads/clients instead of the services themselves. Do you have proven results? That’s also something potential clients would like to see.

Be available on multiple channels

Your potential clients are everywhere — not just on email or in person. That’s why it’s important that your financial advisor marketing strategy should include multiple channels of communication. Potential clients for financial advisors are spread across many demographics, which means leads may have different preferred communication channels. That’s why it’s important your financial advisor marketing messages should be available on multiple channels of communication.

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