Top 4 Fax Marketing Tips That Will Generate Sales

Top 4 Fax Marketing Tips That Will Generate Sales


Fax marketing will generate sales. That is unrivaled and marketing truth. If you're not using fax marketing, you're missing an entire demographic!

Often overlooked as a promotional strategy, fax marketing is the ultimate publicity dark horse.

Why? Well, first, it's extremely cost-effective method of marketing. Sure, it's a time-old method, but it's withstood the ages. Technological advances allowed fax marketing to keep up with all marketing methods.

So, here are 4 amazing reasons to not ever dismiss fax marketing. Consider it your promotional ace-in-the-hole and watch as it generates sales.

Fax Marketing Design

As mentioned before on the Fax Marketing Blog, we addressed the awesome potential of faxes. By its sheer size, faxes are the prime platform to flex not only your promotional muscles but as well as your design muscles.

Think about it: you have the ability to design a masterpiece that not only draws in customers but also reinforces your company's mission.

However, keep in mind the medium in which you're working. Keep the graphics and images simple, and fonts clear.

Essentially, use the entire page at your disposal and advantage. You have the opportunity to truly flex your design muscles. Consider your fax like a billboard. How would you design it?


Personalization is the ultimate key to fax marketing success. Sure, it takes a bit more time, but this strategy generates sales. Not only is this a political tactic, but something that's tried and true with non-profits. Politicians use personalization and handwritten notes to reaffirm relationships. Non-profits use personalization and handwritten notes to underscore fundraising and call-to-actions as well.

For each fax marketing endeavor, include a handwritten note. Whether it's from the sales manager, customer service representative or even the President, the note on your promotion equals sales.

Directing the handwritten note to your point-of-contact will reaffirm your commitment to their satisfaction and your relationship.

Never have a staff person write or sign these faxes. Whoever is the original sender needs to do this.

P.S. (Post-Script!)

Adding a P.S. is also a non-profit, fundraising trick.

Studies have shown that people look at three places in any promotion or sales letter: their name (and title), the sender's signature and post-script. For any busy executive, skimming material is modus operandi.

So, to tap into this desirous eyeballing, always include a post-script. This, again, is another tip from the world of non-profits. The post-script is the place where you make your final push or add the necessary personal note. Anything that looks different from the main text draws the eye: whether it's in a font script or actual handwriting, post-scripts add a bit of flair to your fax.


Positive customer feedback is any marketer's bread and butter. Whom else to extol your virtues than the very people that you sell to?

Often, testimonials are overlooked in any marketing strategy. Testimonials reassure your potential customers that, in fact, you're a great company and your products are worthwhile.

For every fax promotion you send, include a testimonial about the product.

So, there you have it, 4 amazing reasons to never dismiss fax marketing. Like mentioned above, it will be your promotional ace-in-the-hole to generates sales and beat the competition.

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