Use the Advantage of Fax in These 5 Ways

Use the Advantage of Fax in These 5 Ways

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Advantage of Fax

When you first hear about the advantage of fax, it is natural to think that the technology is dated and not used anymore. In fact, most are shocked to learn that fax marketing is booming and generates huge amounts of sales when done right.

So what are the real advantages and why should your business be taking advantage of fax?

Take Advantage of Fax in These Five Ways

1. Simple and straightforward: You don't have to deal with a fax machine. It is as simple as attaching a document to an email and sending. The online provider that you choose (like SimplyCast) does all the heavy lifting for you. You just have to login to your account, upload a list of fax numbers, add your content and send. If you already have content created, you can upload a PDF file and be ready to send even quicker.

2. Cost-effective: Because the fax message creation and sending process is done online, you will save on all the usual costs of traditional faxing. There is no need to purchase paper, ink and toner as well as no fees for phone lines and hardware upkeep. The cost is low as well for mass sending. To see SimplyCast's full list of rates, check out our fax marketing pricing page.

3. No phone line needed: Like we mentioned above, you don't need to have that second phone line just for your fax sending. This is important for small businesses looking to have big impact on a limited budget. Everything is done on your computer with your provider doing all the sending on your behalf. As an added bonus, you don't need to have that big and clunky fax machine in your stylish home office space.

4. Large Reach: Just like with email marketing, the advantage of fax marketing allows you to send to thousands of people all at once and in a short amount of time. If you figure out how long you would take to do that manually, well let's just say you would never stay in business (and lose all your friends). Globally, a large percentage of offices still use fax machines and unlike email, somebody has to physically pick up that piece of paper and either read it or throw it away.

5. Grab an edge: Fax marketing is huge business. While everyone else tries to fight it out in the social media ring, take advantage of what is already proven to work. The small to medium-size business will love fax marketing because it is perfect for generating local leads and new business. In our office in particular, we get catchy fax messages telling us where to eat in our area. Trust us, they work.

So there you have it. When it comes to the advantage of fax marketing, we gave you our top five to consider before adding fax to your overall marketing plan. Don't let the old school label fool you because faxing is sure to be a winner.

To learn more about SimplyCast's fax marketing tool, check out the product page.

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