Top 5 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Need Marketing Automation

Top 5 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Need Marketing Automation

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Why Real Estate Agents Need Marketing Automation

When it comes to dominating the market as a real estate agent, it is all about becoming more efficient at marketing, leasing and selling properties. To do this you need your communication, marketing and finally sales to be all aligned with some form of automation.

You not only have to find and nurture clients, you need to boost the response to your property listings. That is a lot to do if you are working by yourself or even in an established agency. It's all about being top of mind and fast in the real estate game.

Here are the Top 5 reasons why real estate agents need marketing automation.

1. Make Communication Convenient: Whether it is to help you or your clients, marketing automation can make every form of communication convenient. From a single solution, you can reach out to clients through email, voicemail, SMS or fax. For those looking to buy a house, they can't stop their daily lives to do so, meaning they will always be on the go. Make it more convenient for them to see new listings and simply just be reached by adding several channels into the mix. For yourself, you can set up forms on your website to welcome new clients and show them you are the ideal agent for them. Automation makes it convenient to find new clients as well as nurture the current ones in the easiest way possible.

2. Stop Losing Leads:  Have you lost or dropped new leads and later discovered that they listed their property, or completed a transaction with another real estate broker/agent? This would become frustrating when the chances are high, you dropped them in the first place because you were swamped. Many agents also complain that their prospects disappear, leaving then with no clue as to what happened. This is where SimplyCast's 360 Customer Flow Communication Platform can help. The automated solution can tell you the exact position of your buyer in the sales cycle. Gauge the interest level and know where they actually are in the sales process, not where you guess they are. If they opened one of your recent listing emails, you know they are still warm. If there has been no interaction in several weeks, you will know where they fell off.

3. Boost the Response to Your Property Listings Using Social Media: Did you know that you can increase the response to your property listings using automated social media marketing? We understand that by doing so, you need to spend more time monitoring your social channels, but it is worth it.  SimplyCast's automation manager enables you to showcase your property listings on popular social networking sites as well as setting up triggers if leads interact.  Then you can generate and track leads from social media all with one solution.

4. Personalize Your Sales Approach to Close Deals Faster: Customer flow communication is all about personalization and sending targeted messages. This type of messaging can actually help you close your real estate deals faster. Whether it's leasing a commercial space or selling a home, personalization will take you one step closer and develop a bond with clients. SimplyCast allows you to customize your listing proposals, property presentations, property flyers, brochures and even property websites to suit your potential buyer. Turn your website into an automated sales machine.  Once you do this, you don't have to allocate precious resources for those daily updates and nurturing campaigns.

5. Offer Additional Targeted Services: If your real estate firm offers other related services, clients can be automatically directed toward specific services that are relevant to them. This could include a mortgage broker, home inspectors, insurance agents and all the other services that go with buying or selling property. You no doubt have relationships with these people, so direct your clients to them with information packages over email or text messages that direct to a landing page. If you show that you are helping to take care of the entire process, clients will remain loyal and use your team again and again.

These are only the Top 5 reasons why real estate agents need marketing automation. There are so many more benefits and uses of SimplyCast's 360 Customer Flow Communication Platform, that it all comes down to who is using it. Different real estate agents will do different things to communicate, but the 5 listed above are the ones we feel you should be doing.

If you want to experience the power of marketing automation for yourself, try out a 14-day trial at no cost. We can't wait to hear what you think.

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