Top 6 Reasons to White Label

Top 6 Reasons to White Label

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Reasons to White Label

Did you know SimplyCast has a great white label program? You can offer our top quality marketing platform as your own, under your own brand. To learn more about our white label program, contact our Reseller team. Here are six reasons you should consider white labeling for your business.

Provide In Demand Tools

White labeling increases the number of quality services you can offer to your customers. Providing marketing automation tools increases customer satisfaction and retention, and attracts new customers as well. Marketing tools are in high demand and now you can offer them under your own brand.

Save Development Costs

Creating your own marketing tools can take years of development, and can run a high cost. With white labelling, you can begin offering fully developed and tested marketing tools to your customers right away. The SimplyCast platform is a turn-key solution.

Reduce Customer Churn

With our white label program, you keep all your customers as your own. There is no need for your customers to take their business elsewhere when you provide the marketing tools they need to grow their business.

Simple Setup Process

We have everything you need to get started right away. SimplyCast has a great white label support team to help you learn about the platform, and we provide resources including blog posts, articles, whitepapers and more.

Earn More Revenue

When you white label our platform, you set your own prices so there are no limits on how much you can earn. The profits are yours, and you get the recurring revenue from customers who use the platform.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

By white labelling the SimplyCast solution, you can offer more to your customers than the competition. With a complete marketing automation platform, you will increase your customer retention and avoid losing customers to other competitors.

To learn more or to become a Reseller, contact our Reseller team by email or by phone at 866-323-6572, ext. 1204.

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