Top B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

Top B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

b2b email marketing best practicesb2bemail marketing
Email Marketing Best Practices

B2B email marketing best practices you can implement today.

  • Entice with the subject line
  • Keep it simple
  • Easy on the images
  • Segment and personalize
  • Automate the process

Even as other marketing channels have sprung into popularity, none seem to have the level of effectiveness of email marketing. With an ROI over 4000%, email is still king of online marketing — especially when it comes to B2B marketing.

Unfortunately, there's no magic spell that can ensure each and every email recipient opens your email, clicks your CTA, and closes, but there are a few things you can do to increase your overall engagement. To help in your endeavors, we have curated a list of the top B2B email marketing best practices (and, they're so easy you can implement them today!).

Entice with the subject line

Your email subject line is like a preview to your email. Imagine watching a movie trailer that you didn't like…would you then go see the movie? Not likely, right? Keep this in mind when writing your subject lines. Keep them concise and appealing to increase the chances readers will open the email.

Keep it simple

No one wants to open an email and see a wall of text. That is an almost sure-fire when to ensure your email is opened and then immediately closed and deleted, which technically still counts positively towards your open rate but not so positively towards your CTR. Keep your message clear and make the content as easily digestible as possible.

Easy on the images

Yes, images are engaging but too many images are not. Limiting your use of images and keeping your content simple and streamlined are two B2B email marketing best practices that go hand-in-hand. Essentially, keep your email to the point and don't overwhelm readers with images and graphics.

Segment and personalize

Long gone are the days of simple email blasts. Readers no longer want generic information — they want custom information tailored to their needs and interests. If you're able to provide readers with personalized content you're going to be able to appeal to them directly. Segmenting your lists based on interest and then added personalized information are two simple B2B email marketing best practices to help you do this.

Automate the process

Make email marketing easier for yourself and more engaging for your readers by leveraging email marketing automation. With automation, you can automatically personalize content, send emails at appropriate times, and keep your leads engaged no matter where they are in the buyer's journey.

SimplyCast has the ideal email marketing solution to help you easily accomplish all of these B2B email marketing best practices. Contact us today to learn more and get a free quote on a custom solution that meets your needs!

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