Top Design Tips for Email Marketing Campaigns

Top Design Tips for Email Marketing Campaigns

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Boost your effectiveness, connectivity, and action by simply updating the design of your email marketing campaign.

For this particular post, we're only going to focus on the design rather than the content. Look for our upcoming blog posts on fantastic tips and ideas to improve your content.

Logo Placement

Do you place your logo or banner advertisement at the top of each of your emails? If you do, then that is a gigantic "no-no." Especially in this age of mobile devices and email preview panes, having such graphic-filled beginnings of emails usually result in a difficulty in opening and loading.

We'll get to the best placement for your logo in a moment, but first, you must remove it from the top of your email.

The bottom line is that either most recipients view emails through their mobile devices or in preview panes, and just having a logo or a banner dilutes your ultimate message.

Place whatever your "call to action" is, say a discount, promotion or industry news, at the top. This is loaded and previewed first. This part entices the subscriber to open and read the rest of your email. Always lead with the "push" of your email instead of your logo.

At this point, the recipient already knows whom the email is coming from. You're wasting valuable time and space.

Graphics, Flash, and Photos

It needs to be understood that these emails load differently in different email programs and on mobile devices. With email programs, there are preprogrammed and customized settings that filter out graphics, Flash, and photos. This also applies to mobile devices, as some don't load any of them.

So, limit the number of graphics, Flash, and photos in your email marketing campaigns. Also, never put your "call to action," whether it is a discount, offer or a true "call to action" in a graphic, because, chances are, they won't load properly. What is worse than a blank call to action?

Overall Email Design

Keep design short and simple, and able to fit into a single pane. Anything longer, that, say requires scrolling, will not only lose your subscribers' interest but also irritate them. Ensure that you can get to you point swiftly and efficiently.

Also, this works doubly well with mobile devices. As you know, scrolling through an email on your mobile device that is chock full of content is a giant pain. In these cases, expect your email to be immediately deleted.

The Best Content Design Strategy

According to recent marketing studies, people are more receptive to information placed on the left of any sidebar or graphics. This does increase click rates and forwards.

Essentially, design your email around any old-timey newspaper, where the main content is on the right and the sidebar contains the associated story. In this sidebar, house your social media icons, forwarding features and call to actions.

However, in your left-sided content, keep your information short and sweet. A teaser, if you will. Never place the entire "story" or piece in the email content. Instead, include a link after the introductory paragraph that says "Continue for the Full Story." This not only engages your subscribers but also drives click-throughs.

This also applies for multiple stories: never include the whole story unless the story is an embedded coupon or discount. If your email marketing campaign is more informational, direct them to your other online sources for the rest of the juicy tidbits.

Further, for the bottom portion of your email, always reiterate your sharing mechanisms: social media and forwarding. Never forget to include your contact information and your physical address (if applicable). Though, it goes without saying, this is the place to include your unsubscribe feature.

Want a custom template made for you by our designers? Email all the details to our customer care team today.

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