SimplyCast Blog: Top Four Reasons You Should Offer Twitter Marketing Software

Top Four Reasons You Should Offer Twitter Marketing Software

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Twitter Marketing Software

As companies continue to join social media with corporate profiles and pages, they are looking for reliable and versatile software that will allow their brand to expand its online presence without drawing time away from daily tasks. For many of these companies, Twitter marketing software is the answer. Not only does it provide an environment for planning and strategy, but allows campaigns to be created days, weeks, or months in advance with multimedia content while being closely monitored. This not only cuts down on the time needed by employees to continually think of new tweet ideas on the go or set alarms reminding them to post but allows them (and their team) to focus on the big picture.

Plan in Advance

When you have planned, strategized content that speaks to your audience's needs – people notice. By using Twitter marketing software, your clients no longer need to worry about remembering to post every day. You can brainstorm and create tweets days, weeks, or months ahead of time from daily tweets to large campaigns for large announcements, events, marketing campaigns, and more.

Present Ever Green Content Regularly

For many organizations, creating daily twitter posts can be a time-consuming and lackluster task. With Twitter automation, they're able to schedule and post a carousel of content weekly so that important posts and campaigns get more use than simply one tweet without the worry of spamming your followers' feeds.

Is there one blog post that is getting a lot of clicks? Did you just release a new video on a recent success or plan? Keep it in rotation to allow followers, regardless of time zone or availability, a chance to see it along with other content that makes you stand out while bringing attention to your business.

Track Link Clicks

Like any marketing campaign, numbers talk. One of the driving forces behind social media use for businesses is that it provides measurable analytics that deliver a clear picture on what was successful, and what needs tweaking.

We took that idea one step further by integrating our Sonar Web Tracking application into our Twitter marketing software. Not only does it allow you to shorten links to other media to save character space, but allows you to see link clicks, retweets, and reach in one central location. You can collect these numbers by campaign, over a period of time, or compare and contrast with other campaigns you have run.

Grow Your Twitter Following

Twitter isn't all gifs and #hashtags, it's become a hub for people from all walks of life to share their feelings, experiences, interests, and more in 140 characters or less. For many businesses, they aren't quite sure where to begin – lucky for them, you'll have the tool for success. Our application automatically counts characters, is able to add geographic locations, add in multimedia such as photos, or link to over resources.

By using this tool to create visual, engaging content, your clients can become beacons of Twitter mastery and draw new followers. Our software even includes an auto-follow feature for those looking to grow their base while keeping them involved in what people who like their brand enjoy.

Ready to help businesses get tweeting?

SimplyCast offers white labeling for partners, allowing you to easily rebrand our many tools and resell them to companies looking to put a competitive edge on their marketing strategy. To find out more, visit our White Label Reseller page or email any questions you may have to and #getstarted!

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