3 Reasons To Offer White Label SMS Marketing Agency Software

3 Reasons To Offer White Label SMS Marketing Agency Software

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SMS Marketing Agency Software

Trying to build out your company's revenue? You should be offering white label SMS marketing agency software.

Marketing agencies are always looking for the next big thing to offer their clients in order to improve their marketing campaigns. Clients who look to marketing agencies see them as all-encompassing experts and expect them to be able to provide all needed resources to help their business succeed.

For years, email marketing was seen as the king of online marketing because of its ability to quickly and easily disseminate information to a wide audience. And, although email should still be an important aspect of your clients' marketing campaigns, SMS is steadily picking up speed and popularity as a communication method for businesses to connect with their audience.

Is your agency ready to take the next big step in offering more to your clients? If so, you may just be ready for white label SMS marketing software.

What is white label SMS marketing agency software?

Essentially, there are technology providers out there that offer their platforms through "white label," which means you can take the platform and rebrand it to offer to your clients under your own branding. This helps your company increase your product/service offering, build brand loyalty with your existing clients, and attract new customers — all without needing to build the technology yourself! Instead, you are able to leverage a pre-existing platform that is already optimized for use within the industry.

Still not convinced? Well, here are the top three reasons why you should offer white label SMS marketing agency software to your clients.

1. SMS marketing is more engaging than email marketing.

The stats don't lie. SMS marketing typically receives open rates of 98 percent and click-through rates of almost 20 percent whereas email marketing receives open rates around 30 percent and click-through rates below 5 percent.

With numbers like that, it's very important that you and your clients leverage SMS in order to engage contacts on this powerful communication channel. Through SMS marketing, you're able to reach people through a device that is right at their fingertips. With 95 percent of adults owning mobile phones, the market is ripe for SMS marketing.

2. Gain a competitive edge.

By adding SMS marketing agency software to your company, you're able to gain a competitive edge over your other companies in your industry. Consumers are now searching the market for the provider that can offer them the most. So, if a competing agency is only offering PPC, SEO, social media marketing, and email and you can offer all that and SMS marketing, who do you think most consumers will choose?

Providing additional value to the market while not having to create new technology yourself is hugely beneficial to your company because of the potential new revenue generated without the cost of creating an entire SMS marketing platform from scratch.

3. Position yourself as an expert in the industry.

Perhaps more valuable than gaining new clients by offering white label SMS marketing agency software is the position you will put yourself in by offering something no other competitor does. Imagine being ahead of the curve and offering clients something they may not know they need yet. A position like this identifies you as an industry expert, which in turn builds more trust between you, your clients, and your potential clients.

Interested in white label SMS marketing agency software?

If you're interested in white label SMS marketing software and want to learn more, contact our team at reseller@simplycast.com to get more information on SimplyCast White Label Reseller Program. Through this program, you are able to white label any and all of SimplyCast's existing communication technologies — including SMS.

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