SimplyCast Blog: Top Twitter Tips: Maximize Marketing Through Social Media

Top Twitter Tips: Maximize Marketing Through Social Media

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Why tweet? Well, the question should really be, "Why aren't you tweeting?" Incorporate Twitter with your entire marketing strategy and social media communications.

Use Twitter to become a trusted and reliable resource for your clients on business news and trends.

Tip 1: Domain Name

The first and obvious choice for a Twitter domain name is your company name.

Not so fast.

This strategy only works with companies like Nike, Apple, or Whole Foods. Short and straightforward, a name that is easily recognizable and searchable. If your company has a long name, like the International House of Pancakes, try an acronym (IHOP).

Consider your product or service. Do you sell shoes? Try BestShoesAround, or, even incorporating your tagline, like QualityShoes.

Remember that your Twitter domain name is the Twitterverse's introduction to your company, ideals, products, and services.

Make it count. Make it memorable. Make it searchable.

Try: Simple and relevant. Avoid: Clumsy and forgettable.

Tip 2: Profile

If you have to, update your company's mission so that it is more conversational than conventional. The entire point of Twitter and to tweet is to build relationships, whether personal or professional. Make your company's biography relatable.

Try: Conversational and friendly. Avoid: Conventional and sales pitch-y.

Tip 3: Keywords

Fill your profile with industry keywords. By using the shoe company example, the profile should include words like "shoe," "manufacturer," "quality," or "footwear." You get the idea. The point is to allow search engines to ping your Twitter site through keywords. Keep keywords true to your industry.

Try: Treat your tweet as a mini-blog. Avoid: Not understanding the power of searching.

Tip 4: Followers

Forget padding your follower numbers. Instead, focus on following clients, partners, leaders, and organizations that are in the same industry. Never pull out your contact list and follow everyone you've ever known. Spamming is never fun and may actually result in an account suspension.

Follow your high profile clients that have already an established follower-base. The Hollywood and the celebrity Twitterverse is acceptable for personal accounts. Try not to follow Justin Bieber.

Try: Follow industry leaders. Avoid: Spamming and celebrities.

Tip 5: Tweet

Be careful about over-selling products. Focus on starting a conversation instead of pitching.

Consider breaking your tweets into company news, industry trends, spotlights on clients and staff, discounts / offers, informal customer surveys, feedback loops and customer service tips. Pose a question or even a problem with a product and see what the Twitterverse comes up with.

Try: Vary topics and start conversations. Avoid: Being 100% inwardly focused and overt sales pitches.

Tip 6: Etiquette

Don't fall into the trap of ignoring basic etiquette for the immediate benefits of social media.

With every new follower, send a direct message, thanking him or her for following your company.

Communicate with other tweeters directly. Be personal and respectful.

Spell check, ensure you have proper grammar and avoid text message lingo. "Ur" is never a replacement for "your" or "you're." Even though the platform is informal, your message should never be.

Personal touches and remaining consistent, builds lasting relationships.

Try: Tweet as if you're talking to a friend. Avoid: Never replace real words with their shortened versions.

Tip 7: Communicate

Just like adding the "Follow Us!" logo on all of your digital material, consider adding your Twitter name to email signatures, company stationary, and direct mail pieces. People remember simple web addresses, not your phone number.

Treat Twitter as another part of your communication stamp: email, phone, website, and Twitter. Let your customers and clients know that you're on Twitter. Post links directly on your website. Add your Twitter domain name and "Follow Us!" on email marketing campaigns.

Have a tip for other Twitter users that we did not mention? Let us know @simplycast.

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