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Complaints Management System

Unions regularly have to deal with complaints from their members, and it is important that unions maintain open lines of communication with their members and efficiently respond to and investigate any complaints that are made. Manual complaint tracking methods can work well to an extent, but when a union has hundreds or thousands of members it can be easy for some members’ issues to fall through the cracks.

To help with the challenge of managing union member complaints efficiently and effectively, a union’s complaints tracking process can be enhanced with help from a digital solution, which can assist by providing a safe, easy-to-use, and secure complaints management system that can be used by unions and their designated case managers. An automated solution for complaints management can go a long way to improving and maintaining the relationship between unions and their members.

Here are the four parts of a complaints management system for union members.

1. Complaint Submission

When a union member wants to file an official complaint with the union after other resolution methods have failed, the complaint needs to be submitted to the complaints management system. The submission of the complaint can be made through a form asking them to provide their contact details as well as the details of their complaint.

When the union member has submitted the form, the form submission will be automatically recorded in a central contact database, and will trigger the automated complaint management process by creating tasks for a case manager, alerting them of the new case and to let them know to connect with the union member.

2. Complaint Acknowledgement

Once a complaint has been submitted by a union member, it is important for the union to acknowledge the receipt of the complaint and to complete a review to ensure it meets the set criteria for a complaint.

Since all the information regarding the complaint and the complainant is already stored in the union complaints management system, it is easy for case managers to review everything, make their initial determination, and contact the union member with the results. Using the centralized system for all communications with the complainant also keeps a detailed record of each interaction for case managers to review later.

3. Complaint Processing

After the initial assessment of a complaint is complete and it has been determined that the complaint is legitimate, the next step of the complaint tracking process is to meet with the union member to collect any additional information that could not be captured by the initial form.

The complaints management system will then automatically assign the case manager any follow-up tasks that need to be completed, such as updating union management and following up with complainant again. This begins a cyclical process where the case manager goes back and forth between the two parties to find a resolution to the complaint that works for everyone.

4. Complaint Follow-up

The last piece of the union complaints tracking process is to send a final notification to the complainant once the cased has been either closed or escalated.

The complaints management system will create a task for the case worker to schedule a final meeting with the union member where they will lay out the findings and the results.

Where can you find an automated union complaints management system?

Are you now wondering where you might be able to find a solution that can automate the union member complaints tracking process?

Look no further!

SimplyCast has developed an automated complaints management system using its suite of interconnected tools that work together to move complainants and case managers seamlessly through the complaints management process from beginning to end. With its built-in contact database, form builder, and automated workflow tool, SimplyCast can provide you with all the functionality you need to manage union member complaints and ensure they are resolved in a timely manner.

To learn more about how you can automate the union complaints tracking process using our solution, click the button below to request a one-on-one demo from our knowledgeable team!


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