Transform Interest into Action with Marketing Automation

Transform Interest into Action with Marketing Automation

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Transform Interest into Action

Let's say your brand is starting to take off. You have quite a few followers on social media, your email list is expanding, and new leads seem to be coming in every day. However, sales don't seem to be keeping pace with the amount of interest you've been receiving. Instead of getting frustrated at not seeing immediate results, take all this newly earned interest and turn it into action.

Marketing automation platforms allow you to harness interest and optimize sales processes, making it the perfect tool to help you bolster your marketing and sales strategies. Here's what you can do with marketing automation to help turn interest into action.

Target specific audiences

Think about your communications with your leads and clients right now. How personalized are they? Do you send generic mass messages or individually personalized emails that address issues specific to the recipient? Of course, it's difficult to offer a high level of personalization to leads and clients when you are manually sending messages. Luckily, a marketing automation platform allows you to not only automate messages, but also to personalize said messages.

Assess what's working

Marketing automation allows you to see at a glance which sales tactics are working and which are not through an easy-to-read interface. Are certain subject lines getting better open rates than others? Compare and contrast your results and find the components that are working best and optimize the aspects that aren't getting your ideal results.

Utilize more channels

Offering email messages and having a presence on social media is a great start to digital marketing. But, what about your clients and potential leads who prefer SMS, voice messages, or even fax? Trying to manage this many channels separately poses a large problem for marketers and salespeople. But, with the right marketing automation platform, you can manage all of these channels and more all from one place! Better yet, all channels can be automated and personalized to target the right people at the right time.

If you're ready to transform interest in your brand into tangible action, sign up for a 14-day free trial of SimplyCast's marketing automation platform, SimplyCast 360. With this platform, you have access to over 18 different marketing and communication tools and channels from SMS, social media, and email, to fax, voice, and more.

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