Transforming Automotive Marketing with Contact Manager

Transforming Automotive Marketing with Contact Manager

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Transforming Automotive Marketing

SimplyCast 360 already offers revolutionary and game-changing tools to the automotive industry for marketing and communication. But recently, with the release of Version 8.7 and our Contact Manager, we have further expanded the way the automotive industry can expand their business and marketing capabilities. The Contact Manager changes how 360 can interact with your customers in bold new ways that allow you to track your hottest leads and keep tabs on everything that happens in your marketing campaign.

So, what can the Contact Manager do for my marketing?

One of the primary functions of the Contact Manager is to effectively manage your contacts. It's a place where you can store, tag, sort and categorize your automotive customers. Your sales team can check on someone and instantly know what they're interested in, what marketing emails they have opened and which links they clicked, and read notes from your last interaction with them.

The Contact Manager also displays the lead score manually assigned by your automotive staff as well as the score generated by our algorithms, to help sort your leads from hot to not. Your sales team will always know who is best to pursue, and you can generate a process based on what works most often. This information can also be used to personalize your marketing and narrow the focus to match the right automotive specials to the right customers in even more specific ways.

The Contact Manager also allows you to build pipelines that represent various sales processes, all set up by stages. Arrange one to remind folks that they need an oil change or an an MVI, or have a pipleline set up to tell you who is most interested in your trade-in program or monthly specials. Even create a pipeline that tells you how likely a certain model is to sell based on your customer base, among many other uses. Pipelines and pipeline stages can be named for further customization. It's important to remember that the Contact Manager, or CM as we refer to it, doesn't actually do any automation on its own. Its functionality enables you to enhance the automation possibilities.

Okay, sounds good. So how does the Contact Manager interact with 360?

This is where CM starts to really get interesting for the automotive industry. CM is able to interact with your 360 campaigns and make them more effective. You can update your customer information based on actions that they take, moving them along a pipeline or changing their score. You also have the ability to inject a contact into your pipeline using the "Start From Contact Manager" element. This element allows you to manually insert potential clients met at automotive shows or other events into an automated nurturing process and collect marketing data on them.

What can I do with this additional marketing data that your CM offers?

I'm glad you asked. Lets use an example scenario. You're starting a new web campaign. You have customer data stored such as the types of vehicles customers are interested in, their favorite vehicle colors and more. You also know how many seats they need ideally, and what features are the most sought after in your popular models. Your customers are all tagged according to their interests, so using the tags on the CM you can send different emails to each tag group.

Then, based on the actions taken with that initial email, your sales and marketing teams know what needs to be tweaked. They automatically narrow the pool of interested customers so that you're more likely to make sales. This process can be repeated over multiple steps to narrow your contact pool into the hottest leads. It could also be adjusted to find volunteers, plan what features to include with purchases and more.

CM takes an already versatile product that has attracted customers in 11 languages and 175 countries, and makes it much more customizable and flexible. The applications of the software are endless. The time and money saved, as well as the added strategic data given to marketing and salespeople, will revolutionize the automotive marketing process. It will leave you with free time, more money, and a fast, clean marketing process.

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