Improve Transportation Communication with Automation

Improve Transportation Communication with Automation

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Transportation Communication

When you need to reach someone quickly, it is helpful to have multiple communication methods available. If you're in charge of transportation and logistics management, the speed and efficiency of your communication is essential. Using automated messages is a great way to make your communication more efficient. Let's look at some of the ways an all-in-one transportation communication solution helps you make the most of your time.

1. Reach drivers and customers in remote areas. If you are having a hard time reaching someone, you have many ways to contact them with an all-in-one solution. Send them a text message with the basic details, set up a voicemail message with more information, or even send a fax if you need a signature or you want to include images. Voicemail and fax are also effective ways to connect with customers who do not have internet access.

2. Spread emergency notifications quickly. If there is a weather alert, safety threat or other emergency situation, you can tell everyone with just one click. Get the message out to each driver, transportation worker, customer and supplier in minutes. The communication process is simple with an automated solution. Create general notifications in advance, then simply activate them with a single click when you need them. Automated messages are easy to edit so you can provide up to date information as the situation progresses.

3. Promote your transportation brand on social media with automated social media management. Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks are effective places to market your transportation company and attract new customers. Set up automated transportation messages that will be posted over time. Focus on creating a connection with visitors. Include stories about your transportation workers, articles that show your company being environmentally accountable, videos that show the shipping process, infographics about your products and so on. This content engages potential customers and posting is all automated to save you time. Focus on your transportation logistics and leave your social media pages to us.

4. Keep transportation workers, suppliers and customers on time with automated reminders. Whenever a shipment goes out, activate an automated communication plan that will send reminders to everyone involved. These transportation messages ensure that everyone knows the time and place of shipment arrivals. Reminders help keep people organized and on time.

5. Automation software makes transportation scheduling simpler and arrival times easier to predict. More precise times and well-managed logistics boost customer satisfaction and build your company's reliable reputation. Automated messages are triggered based on interaction from users. For example, let's say one of your drivers texts in to say that he or she has arrived early. That information will trigger a message to the customer letting them know that their shipment is here. Automation makes transportation communication quick and simple.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial of our all-in-one automation software. Set up a test campaign and learn how to make the most of your trial by joining a free demo with our friendly customer care staff.

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