Keep Transportation on Track with Automation

Keep Transportation on Track with Automation

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Keep Transportation on Track with Automation

Do you need an easy way to reach your drivers, clients, and employees? Being in charge of transportation and logistics means communicating with a lot of different people over the course of the day. Finally, there's an easy way to do it.

Marketing automation provides you with a multi-channel tool to help you reach anyone you need to easily. Automation will allow you to make your communications more efficient without adding additional work to your daily load.

Here are a few ways marketing automation can improve your supply chain and logistics management.

Reach drivers anywhere

Transportation can involve going through some fairly rural areas, which may not have reliable internet coverage. A multi-channel solution allows you to contact your drivers over several channels. This means you could send them an email, but if they don't respond you could follow up with a call or SMS to be sure they got the information.

Offer your clients more

A big part of marketing automation is personalization. If you are able to personalize your communications with clients, you will boost your engagement. Personalization can range from the way you contact them to the content you provide. Marketing automation helps you do all of this automatically.

Send emergency notifications

Is there something everyone needs to know? Whether it's a weather alert or a safety threat, you can let all your workers and drivers know with a simple click. By having these messages already prepared ahead of time and sent automatically, you will save valuable time during a crisis.

Keep everyone on track

A great part thing about marketing automation is that it helps you keep everyone organized because you can send automatic reminders. When a shipment is sent, make sure everyone involved knows immediately with SMS or email reminders.

Try for yourself

If you'd like to see how marketing automation can help you improve your transportation, sign up for a free 14-day trial.

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