Twitter and Email Marketing: A Killer Combo

Twitter and Email Marketing: A Killer Combo

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Are you using the power of Twitter to expand your email marketing efforts and reach thousands of potential new customers?

Yes, I said thousands.

Combining your email marketing campaigns with Twitter is not hard to do and the best part is, you can still use the same skills you have already developed by creating previous campaigns.

Like email marketing, Twitter is in its own way, a permission-based process. People do not receive tweets unless they have elected to follow someone on Twitter which is just like opting-in to an email list.

The SimplyCast Team is very active on Twitter, where we use it to engage with our customers and provide a lot of extra value to those interested in email marketing.

Once you have created a Twitter account and a profile page, try these four easy ways to combine Twitter and your email marketing efforts.

1. Add a link to your company Twitter account in all email communication

Add a link in the footer of your email campaign or newsletter to let your subscribers know that they can follow your company on Twitter.

In every SimplyCast promotion we always add a link to allow readers to easily follow us if they choose. By combining this with the valuable content you have already created, your list of followers should flourish.

Also add a link to your company Twitter profile in your email signature that you use for everyday communication.

2. Post links to your most recent promo or newsletter on Twitter

After sending out the latest email marketing campaign or newsletter, you should also post it on your company Twitter page. Add a short message similar to the subject line you have already created with a link to the actual promotion or newsletter that was mailed out.

By doing this you are also reaching potential new customers who are reading about your company for the first time on Twitter.

A simple way to do this is to use the web-based link located inside the email that was already sent out.

Remember to edit the email slightly if you set it up to include the subscriber's name. Make it more generic and send another version to yourself to use for linking.

3. Add a link to allow subscribers to "tweet" your message

Another way to expand your customer base is to provide current followers with a way to share your information with their list of followers. This chain can increase the reach of your message dramatically.

On Twitter, forwarding a message is easy to do, and is called "retweeting."

So in each email marketing campaign, make it simple for the reader to add your message to Twitter.

To do this, add a link like this one:

After the "=" add your under 140 character message.

For example: and email marketing: A killer combo

If you want to make it stand out even more, you can add a Twitter button or logo as well.

4. Use Twitter as a source of information to write better campaigns

Finally, Twitter is a great way to learn in real time what your customers or subscribers think about your product or service.

This is not as much directly related with the marketing of your campaign but it will help a lot in the creation of your next promotion or newsletter.

You can take a quick survey on your newest feature or campaign with minimal set up time and chances are good you will get a very honest answer in return.

For example, was this blog post helpful to you as an email marketer?

Add us to your growing list of followers @simplycast and let us know what you think. We look forward to tweeting with you.

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