The Benefits of Two-Way Communication During Emergencies

The Benefits of Two-Way Communication During Emergencies

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Two-Way Communication

Although we all hope emergency situations don't arise, they are inevitable. Fires, car crashes, snow storms — they are all a part of life and need to be dealt with. Even though dealing with these situations isn't desirable, there are tools available to help make the process more efficient by dramatically reducing response times, connecting stakeholders, and gathering valuable information from the field.

During emergencies, it is important to have clear and concise communication with everyone involved. Are the first responders on their way? How many people are injured? Should the emergency manager request more staff? Manual communication in these scenarios takes up valuable time as people pick up, dial, and redial phone numbers. These are precious moments that are lost when someone does not answer or a phone number cannot be located.

This is why two-way communication platforms are critical to emergency management. Instead of spending human resources on communication in emergencies, having a system that is able to automatically reach out to connect with the required contacts greatly reduces time spent on communication, which can now be spent doing more meaningful tasks.

And, the use of an emergency communication platform does not end at contacting needed parties. The right platform can support two-way communication, for example, allowing first responders to confirm they are or are not responding. Two-way communication with an emergency platform also allows for automatic updates to be gathered from the field. Need to know how many people are injured? The system sends out a survey to first responders and automatically gathers and displays results. This is the power of EmergHub: SimplyCast's emergency management and communication platform.

EmergHub is the world's first application with a common operating picture that shows local areas and their interaction with emergency messages. This makes the platform the first technology to connect all stakeholders in an emergency situation by using an all-in-one platform for communications. EmergHub provides prompt situational awareness, the ability to enhance current emergency preparedness processes, and added connectivity between emergency managers, first responders, and private citizens.

To learn more about EmergHub, visit this page, and don't forget to sign up to receive information about the EmergHub channels right to your inbox!

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